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Thread: On Keats

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    On Keats

    What's your favourite poem by Keats? Why?

    I like his "Ode to a Nightingale" and his profound Hyperion poems.

    Keats recognized the inherent suffering of existence and yet he saw the beauty of poetry as a means of healing. As an influential Romantic, he continues to inspire with his passionate verse.

    Many of Keats' greatest poems and quotes are available on this poetry encyclopedia.

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    I like Nightingale, Grecian Urn and La Belle Dame Sans Merci, but what exactly do you mean by healing? It is hard to see anything by Keats, at least among his main poems, to be so positive. Always got the impression most of his poems are a batle between a strong vital impulse and the denial of this impulse, but this batles has no winner, because things are always fading while lasting (as in the final of Nightingale).

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    I haven't made my way through his complete poems yet but my favorite so far is "Ode to a Grecian Urn". The way he expresses our inability to escape the decay and destruction of time is overwhelmingly poignant. Have you read a biography of Keats that you would recommend? I'm currently reading Richard Holmes fantastic two volume biography of Coleridge. I would like to read more biographies on Romantic poets.

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