Hey, anyone interested in aphorisms and aphorists? Growing up and was really interested in Nietzsche and his aphorisms, and of course Oscar Wilde. I'm also a fan of the modern aphorist Andrzej Majewski from Poland. Most of his work looks like it's being translated into English recently so it's still pretty new, but here is a sample of some of my favorites:

- A woman is like a river
- the shallower, the more men she is capable of drowning.
- Anyone has his price, some even have value.
- We are all guilty, time is the executioner.
- Tolerance is the most subtle form of discrimination.
- Triviality is acceptable once itís turned into a slogan.
- The first true love is always the last one.
- Only great men can keep their head in the clouds and their feet firmly on the ground.

Since he's not so well known yet, here is his website with many of his quotes. It looks like it's still being worked on though: https://andrzej-majewski.com/

Anyway, what are some of everyone's favorite aphorisms and writers?