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Thread: Sofia Clarke, romance author here

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    Sofia Clarke, romance author here

    Hi there,

    I just discovered this group and there seems to be some good information here. Looking forward to reading and learning more!

    Fun facts about me -
    1. Favorite color is blue
    2. I love going on hikes
    3. I don't have a favorite book. There are too many good ones!
    4. The next book I plan on reading is American Gods by Neil Gaiman
    5. I just published my first novel
    6. Vancouver Canada is one of my favorite cities
    7. I'm a huge fan of Marvel movies
    8. I write compulsively
    9. I love to read, but I'm a slow reader
    10. If I could have one superpower, it would be to eat as much as I want...without consequences lol

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    Hi there and welcome.

    Fully agree on the number 10. About your novel, is it available as an e-book?

    "Some things in life need solitude to thrive. Can only flourish in seclusion and loneliness. Without affection hushing and deceptively lulling them to sleep.

    The pursuit of dreams is such a thing."

    Tom Fitch - Intersection Diaries

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    Sure is. I'd rather not post the link to it here unless I get the go-ahead from the admins, but you should be able to find the link to my work on my profile page.
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