It's the most wonderful time of the year! LSSU has just issued its list of banished words for 2019.

In the increasingly humble opinion of yours fooly, the choices were/are apt. Do you agree or disagree with the dubious honorees? What trendy words or idioms (clichés or freshly-coined) would you send to the battleground state formerly known as Siberia?

If you know me, you'll know that I've got quite a few addenda:

The first is non-verbal. That is, when a political pundit is asked a question and the first utterance is an exaggerated sigh. Or even more irritating, when he or she is asked a question not requiring a yes or no reply but the first word he or she says is "Sure!" (Is everybody Irish all of a sudden?)

I don't wish to see the folks stop reprimanding others who deserve it, but I'm surely sick of hearing the practice referred to as "calling out." That's what a mother does when she wants to summon her kid for supper-- or somebody practicing his yodeling skills in the Alps.

Same with "I'm old enough to remember. . ."; "off-ramp"; and "stepping down." Why can't we jus say "quit"? "D'ya hear that Jennifer down at the Dollar Store is stepping down?"

And nobody can say "majority" without putting the word "vast" in front of it. They go together like "dire" and "straits."

I don't ever want to hear "double down" again, and especially don't want to hear "double dog down."

That goes for the perennial malady: "going forward."

Hope all of these odious expressions go backward into oblivion!