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    Hola signores y signoritas,

    I am making an excerption of Hegel for taking with me when I go to America.

    I have already concluded that the Fenomenology of the Spirit does for thinking what the Bible does for knowledge, that is perfect it; the Bible was written for the State of Nature, the Fenomenology for its inhabitants. But I really don't know what I am talking about, I guess.

    The Fenomenology of the Spirit is certainly "philosophical literature". He is definitely not a philosopher in the strict sense, but more like a literary extrapolator of philosophical truth.

    Adios, pueblo.

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    Those Germans where nuts. And I think you had so much spare time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Rossington View Post
    Those Germans where nuts.
    Well, Schopenhauer called Hegel a charlatan so he couldn't have been that bad.

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