I fear that we are slowly walking into a society in which our private thoughts and information are known to everyone, just like the way O’Brien can instantly know what Winston is thinking. It’s a crazy concept that our personal thoughts could no longer be our own. As easily as O’Brien can somehow spontaneously know Winston’s thoughts, our government is steadily gaining access to our current everyday information. Whether it be through online shopping accounts or a social media post, everything that we do is leaving a trail. And the scarier thing is that our generation seems not to care that much. With technology becoming more invasive every day, we have gradually become used to it and we aren’t as fazed by it as people in older generations. I think it’s possible that someday, our government, or maybe big corporations willing to pay for it, will be able to know what we’re thinking, just as O’Brien can do in 1984. And I think this will happen because we will allow it to happen.