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    I believe limiting the language is one of the most horrible things the party is trying to do. Language is the one thing that makes us human, its the reasons homosapien outlasted the other homo spices. Language gives humans the ablility to organize things and think complexly. Taking that away would be the most inhumane thing possible, worse than the torture, worse than room 101.

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    I agree that limiting language is the most awful thing you can do to a society. However, by limiting the words you can use, it kept the people under control which was the partyís main goal. Limiting the language might not be as bad as room 101 given the fact that Winstonís face was almost torn apart by rats in room 101, but communication is a big part of what makes a human.

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    By limiting language and the words people are allowed to use or Lear the party gains control. They can rid of all words that may be used by someone to oppose that party in anyway. In the future people will never have know these words that may be used to do this. When these words are completely vanished from the vocabulary of the people they won’t even be able to think of such things. I feel that cutting out and changing words is an extremely powerful thing for big brother and the party to be doing.

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