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Thread: How do define a book like Bryce Courtney's 'The Power of One'?

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    How do define a book like Bryce Courtney's 'The Power of One'?

    A fair number of people say The Power of One is their all-time favourite book (I'm among them).

    In Australia, Bryce Courtney's the most borrowed author in public libraries and Australia's best selling author. But Courtney doesn't receive awards or recognition among Australia's literature 'elite'. I wonder why?

    Bryce Courtney's a strange person though as he's a pathological liar, making him seem a bit of an egotistical narcissist or maybe an imaginative child who never grew up.

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    I've read one of Courtney's. It was packed with trendy virtue signalling. I did not like it although part of the Tasmanian setting contained some decent writing. It suits the present politically correct era but I find it all perverse and hypocritical. I don't grudge him his commercial success. Perversity and hypocrisy are never impediments to success in any field.

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