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Thread: Anyone up for a poetry jam?

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    Anyone up for a poetry jam?

    I'm have been getting really into poetry latley but what I want to experince other peoples poetry and see the wonders they can work with it. So the reason why I am writting this is to ask everyone if they want a poem jam? Basically I will choose one theme and one rhyme scheme that every participant has to write in and they have to complete it in a certain amount of time. The first jam I might do probably won't have any prices, because I just want to see how it turns out. So if you want a poetry jam, reply to this thread yes that you want one. If I get at least 20 replies saying yes, I'll create one. Thanks everybody and have a good day!

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    Welcome !

    I invite you to look at our Poetry games & Contests... .

    Unfortunately, as you will discover, many of the poets here at LitNet have lost interest/gone on to other endeavors/gone on to other venues/other over the years. 20 replies saying yes would be pie in the sky IMHO at this time - though I would be pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise.

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