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Thread: To “love” is to rebel

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    Question To “love” is to rebel

    Winston and Julia have little control over their lives. They don’t have privacy or freedom. Their whole lives are controlled by the party. Their whole relationship is fueled by their hate for the party! What would their “love” look like without the party in the first place? Would they even have been brought together in the first place or is their relationship the only type of love they will know so they blow it out of proportion?

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    They would of most likely not even cared about each other one bit if not for their hatred for the party. That is the reason they even interact in general. As without the party they would have nothing to relate to. Both of them having hate towards the party fuels their interactions with each other and their actions with one another.

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    Seeing as how Winston and Julia were brought together by their hatred towards the Party, no I do not think that they would have fallen for each other without that common ground. Their first interaction with each other consisted of noticing that the other wasn't like the others. So, if they weren't rebelling then nothing would be out of the ordinary. They most likely wouldn't have noticed each other. In my opinion, their love is convenient because they have the same goal, and need to stick together to look out for each other. If they were a part of a bigger group of rebels, which would most likely not happen because of all of the governmental surveillance, then I don't necessarily think that they would be in the same position. I also agree with the fact that the love they are experiencing is the only love that they know, so who really knows what they're feeling, since there is a government regulated way of what "love" is in Oceania.

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    I believe they wouldn’t of even noticed each other if they didn’t have the common ground of hating the party. i agree with your point of the love they have is the only love they’ll know because the government has so much control over emotion, they dont know much about loving someone and when they do love someone they can be caught by the Thought Police.

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    Suggestion: The first step for them is to forgive the party. Then to let go of "hate". This should open the door to opening their eyes to get past the appearance of being "controlled" by anyone or anything. It appears they have been brought together to establish a foundation for the magnification of love. Starting with them and expanding in them to others. Rather than "rebel" perhaps resist would be a more compatible word to use in their environment.

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