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Thread: Julia and Winston in 1984

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    Julia and Winston in 1984

    Are Winston and Julia really in love or are they just satisfying each other's human needs? In some moments it seems as if Julia is just using Winston to rebel against the party, but in others, when they're in the rented room above Mr. Charrington's shop they have genuine moments and talk to each other about deeper things than just sex. During some of the time when Winston is opening up to Julia with his thoughts and feelings she becomes bored and sleeps, this is why sometimes I think he actually likes her more than she likes him and their relationship is more or less one way. On the other hand if she was bored all the time why would she still keep coming back to him?

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    Since they are in a society where emotions are controlled, it is possible that both Julia and Winston are confusing lust with love. But, Julia has been with several different men numerous times where it is an act of breaking the rules of the Party she seems to stay with Winston longer. Also while Winston and Julia were making promises while joining the Brotherhood which supports Julia's philosophy on the Party, she refuses to separate from Winston which, i find is more than for sex.

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    In my opinion, I feel that Winston and Julia’s relationship has nothing to do with satisfying each other’s human needs. The relationship that Winston and Julia form is certainly a symbol of love, but I don’t believe that they are in love with one another. The love that they demonstrate is just as much an act of defiance toward Big Brother. There is no emotional bond between the two characters. When Winston tries to talk to Julia about anything that is of importance to him, she acts bored or falls asleep. It’s clear to see that they have nothing in common other than the fact that they both hate the Party. This sparks a mutual feeling of rebellion, but not love. The only true love in this book is shown when both Winston and Julia agree to sacrifice basically everything that they have for Big Brother.

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