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    Best Friend

    We were in college, when we first met. We didn't know anyone. We came across each other in the first week. By the end of the second year, we were inseparable yet our destinations were different and we had to go complete our journey.
    In those two years, we had a lot of fun. We watched a lot of movies. But one was such that we both were connected to it. It was like that movie was our third friend in the group.

    Two years have passed, I moved on with my life. Made new friends from work. But still I missed her, but we hadn't talked in the last year.

    One day, I returned home from work. It was a hectic day. And the traffic on the highway took hours for me to reach home. I turned on the TV and started cooking some food. The food was ready, i was turning the channels on the TV and i came across the movie. A smile came on my face as i watched the movie while eating.

    I got a call on my phone a few minutes later. We talked for hours that day like there was no tomorrow.

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    A Day Will Come

    A day will come when you will be rich.
    A day will come when you will have a loving spouse.
    A day will come when you will have a big house.
    A day will come when you will have all the things that you wish for.
    But don't waste your life waiting for that day.
    For that day might come after many years.
    So, start enjoying every moment of every day.
    Start enjoying the process that will get you closer to that day when you will have everything.
    Start enjoying the struggles in that process and you will have respect for what you will have earned later in life.
    That day will come soon if you stop thinking about it.

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