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    Red Town

    Too many powdered donuts sweetie?
    Why, don’t you look pretty in that pure white dress.
    Girl could dance all night until the morning,
    and still never break a sweat.
    Eyes are glued on you tonight darling.
    Though, they aren’t looking at your sweet face.
    Don’t you like the attention they are giving?
    Treating you like you are something first-rate.
    You’ll wake up in the street walking,
    talking to strangers you know you haven’t met.
    Toes blue in your one high-heeled shoe,
    The other left behind, did you forget?
    Don’t you know if the sun’s up or down this morning
    or why your pretty dress is painted red?
    Best to get out of this town,
    I'm warning,
    or another cocktail will be served up instead.
    Wipe the tears from your eyes, my darling.
    Last night is a night you’ll always forget.
    And when you wake up each morning
    you’ll wonder why there is always
    a different man in your bed.
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    Hi Shadowlight. I enjoyed reading this. Wondered if it was moralistic. Hoping not. But either way have read it three times and there isn’t much on here that inspires me to do that. You write well. JB

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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    Hi JB. I think it can be certainly read in that way. I think depending on how one read's it from their perspective can tell different viewpoints/stories. I'll be less ambiguous, but still ambiguous... I was originally going to title this "The Red Town Reaps"

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