you may be posing as a mr. jones, stranger but you are completely false in your assumptions. if you have studied the russion revolution, then you know that stalin, and lenin to some extent used propaganda to sway the people of russia into their hands. george orwell(born eric blair) was born in british india in the state of bengal. there he learned to true meaning of imperialism, and especially after serving in the Imperial Army in Burma. you may be wondering what imperialism and communism have in common and let me tell you. imperialism is the often hostile takeover of a nation by a stronger nation for political, capital, and nationalist gains. communism can also be considered a form of imperialism because often is a party of people(the Bolsheviks in russia) that take over a nation and controlling as much of the daily aspects of life of the people that they can. you correct in the fact that animals do not talk to people and that they could not have in real life staged a revolution but as you elegantly state " was NOT true and had absolutely no TRUE statement in the book" you are discrediting yourself as well. you say that is a book and a book of fiction as well. if you study the definition of ficiton, you will realize that it has nothing to do with real facts/events/possibilities/etc but it can be anything that the author desires. george orwell was a man that criticized governments of various nations and especially in "the animal farm," he criticizes the communists. just because he uses animals as a bases of this portrayal means nothing. it is the symbolism and the allegory that is the basis of foundation for orwell. he uses them to critique the government and how it was run. i could use various examples and prove my point to you and show you how wrong you are, but i think i will leave that up to you. i sincerely hope you visit this site again and read this response in hopes of understanding what you once could not and appreciate what this man could do.