I got alot out of this book. I wanted to post my thoughts on the book and see what anyone thought of them. First I will do what the characters stood for.<br><br>1.old major. Highly respected by everybody. Like a king who knows how to rule well. He had lots of respect and a very high rank with the animals.<br><br>2.snowball. I think he wanted to follow through with old majors plan. He had some plans to himself and was going to do the best to get them to go along with what old major was saying.<br><br>3.Napoleon. A dictator. He only cared about himself and as long as he was getting what he wanted everything was fine. I thought it was very interesting when the pigs milked the cows and napoleon said he would be right behind everybody and when they returned the milk was gone. Also when the animals were making the windmill and their food was rationed but the pigs were doing nothing and they had all they wanted. definitely a dictator.<br><br>4.Boxer. Strong hard worker. Easilly fooled into what napoleon (or whoever was leading) wanted him to believe. He did not benefit much in the end because of that did he?<br><br>5.Benjeman. A follower. He was entitled to his own opinion though. He did anything that boxer did but never agreed entirely with boxers opinion on the government.<br><br>6.mollie. Kind of dumb. As long as she was in style and had treats she was ok. Kind of like those silly Russian girls who ended up running off to America so that they could be in style and dress up.<br><br>7. Mr. Jones. The badge of slavery. Before he started drinking he was good at keeping his farm under control but after he started drinking it all changed.<br><br>8.squealer. Total copy pig to napoleon. He also did all of napoleons "dirty work" <br><br><br>I found the 7 commandments very interesting.<br><br>1.whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy<br><br>2.whatever goes upon 4 legs or has wings is a friend<br><br>3.No animal shall wear clothes<br><br>4.No animal shall sleep in a bed<br><br>5.No animal shall drink alcohol<br><br>6.no animal shall kill any other animal<br><br>7.all animals are equal<br><br>I found those commandments very interesting especially when napoleon took over and broke most of them. Whenever he was found out he changed it. You could not count all the ways napoleon went against snowball and old major. Also it was interesting how napoleon never did stuff for the greater good. He always did things for himself. I think that napoleon was really hypocrite about things.<br><br>I think that animal farm proved some points in the real world. For instance when goerge orwell was talking about the pigs there was one single pig who was not completly good but was not completly bad either. He was gray. That shopwed that he was not being stereo typed about the whole thing and that the concept of communism is not completly balck and white but is all a picture of gray. You may think that some things are right and wrong. The pigs were mostly black but had white woven in and out making small parts of gray and the other animals were mostly white but had black woven in and out of them which showed that they had some gray in them also. Niether side was completly white. I think that his observation for things was very exelent and that it showed to prove how screwed upi both sides can nbe. Don't get me wrong here. I am tottally against the idea of communisim but I am approching this from the viewpoint of both sides. I think that is about all I have to say on this subject. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed my opinion on animal farm