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Thread: Is Julia the only one?

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    Is Julia the only one?

    When Winston had first met Julia he had hated her for her purity and blind obedience to the Party. Later he sees that she is the polar opposite of that, where she hates everything she seemed to have supported. Could it be a possibility that there are other people, such as proles that also seem ignorant but that is just their own camouflage to cover their hate for the Party like Julia?

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    I definitely believe that there are more people like Julia in Oceania who despise the way that their society is being run. There is though, that ongoing fear of one getting caught by "Big Brother" or the Police. So, if there were more people like Julia and Winston, it would make sense that they are rare to find, because they most likely are staying under the radar with their thoughts. In the sense of the Proles, I believe that they could definitely become educated on the corruptness of the underlying government of Oceania, but are mostly brainwashed and ignorant on the topic. I suppose if they acted dumb and took advantage of their "privacy" (very limited surveillance) given to them by "Big Brother", than they could surely overrun the government, but if "Big Brother" doesn't doesn't see them as a threat and continues to allow this sense of freedom in their class, then that probably isn't the case.

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    Julia mentions that the best way to stay safe in the eyes of the government is to "blend in" for a lack of better words. She threw her shoe at a rat and Winston mentioned that she threw her shoe the same way she threw the dictionary during the 2-minutes-hate. Julia goes on to tell Winston that by saying the chants that others say, and passing along messages of propaganda, they could put off being caught by the government. So yes, Julia only does party-related things to throw the thought police off of her trail.

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    I believe there are other people like Julia who are disguising themselves as as a firm believer in the Party so they don't get caught by the thought police. However, in my opinion i don't think the proles are educated enough to the point where they would have to disguise their distrust in the Party. But, it is quite possible there are more people like Julia mixed in with the middle class. Also, if the proles were capable of understanding the motives of the Party they wouldn't have to "blend in" because they are not closely monitored by the Party.

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