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Thread: Winston and Julia's relationship

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    Question Winston and Julia's relationship

    I found the way Julia and Winston finally get together interesting. She trips, expecting he'll help her up just to slip him a note and from there the relationship escalates quickly. They meet in private at a spot in the country side where The Party can't monitor them. They think the same when they meet in the upstairs room of the antique shop. There ends up secretly being a telescreen in the picture on the wall and the shop owner, Mr. Charrington, is not on Winston's side like he originally thought. The thought police don't arrest Winston and Julia immediately because they knew they were meeting before. Why did they wait to take them to the Ministry of Love?

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    I think Mr.Chartington waited to have Winston and Julia arrested because they had a telescreem on them so they knew what they were doing but they wanted to catch winston and Julia with the book associated with the brotherhood conspiracy and Goldstein. I have yet to read if the book has any significance in the interrogation and torture that the two will endure at the ministry of live but I feel as though it will.

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