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Thread: Thought Police? or Paranoia?

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    Thought Police? or Paranoia?

    Throughout the book, main character Winston Smith repeatedly expresses his fear of being caught by the "Thought Police" and being killed for having dangerous thoughts of a revolution against big brother, but what evidence has he actually seen that the thought police exist. The only knowledge we really have about them is that they arrests people for having thoughts against big brother and eventually torture and kill them, but these are all essentially hear say. In my perspective i saw the thought police more as a fear manipulation tactic to keep people obeying big brother used by the Inner Party more than an actual group of secret agents among the crowd.

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    I think your theory is thought provoking and adds another perspective to the Party's cunning. However, I believe that the lack of physical evidence of the Thought Police can be more attributed to their ability to operate out of sight. I think this is done intentionally to keep the proles from rebelling. If they were constantly reminded of their oppression through the appearance of the Thought Police, they may be more apt to revolt against their oppressors.

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