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    I had to take a picture.
    Her crying all alone.
    Shades closed hid
    that which was already hidden.
    A glimpse of light twirled,
    somersaulted across the picture of her beautiful family,
    rested on her heart,
    and gasped.
    The darkness blanketed around her
    Keeping her comfortable
    while her mind told stories of secrets kept safe,
    even the most beautiful of truths,
    which could never be told.
    The clock ticked and tocked
    and her tears dripped
    and her body rocked.
    One hand moved forward,
    while the other stood still,
    and time felt frozen for another minute
    after another minute…
    before another minute…
    in a lifetime of waiting
    for that which she could never have.
    And the memory of him,
    could give only a moment relief
    to the remembering that
    he would never be hers.
    The phone rung as the outside world called
    I had to take a picture
    to realize the pain was real
    before the shades were drawn
    and a bright dewy eyed smile revealed.
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    That was great Shadowlight. I feel there is a running theme I your poetry of wanting and not having. Anyway I always read them and always enjoy. Cheers JB

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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    I wouldn't disagree. "Longing for" has been a theme/battle in my life lately, admittedly. Your comment makes me realize I need to branch out a bit, lol!

    I'm glad you enjoy them. You set the bar high when it comes to writing, so confirmation from you is valuable feedback for me.
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