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Thread: Orwell is so right its scary.

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    Orwell is so right its scary.

    In the book 1984, the past is changed many times to make big brother and the party look better. In a sense, this happens in present day. In our school history textbooks, Columbus was always made out as a saint, now some people are saying, he was indeed not a saint. That Columbus murdered the native Americans, and stole their homes. Some older people have even said while helping younger people with their history homework, that they were taught different. This could be their failing memory or it could be true. Either way, I'm almost 100% sure that some parts in history, big or small, have been altered to manipulate the public view on things, similar to in 1984 but of course not as extreme. yet
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    I agree with the alteration of history books, there will always be some form of bias with each author; but with the change in history to make Big Brother and the Party look good, Orwell is showing the ignorance of the people. Most of the altered history was recent in the complacent lives of the people. Orwell is trying to show how people will not question the government with anything. The difference is that the history in history books is taught to people that haven't lived that history; but in 1984, the people are being fed untrue facts on history that they know and have lived already.

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