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Thread: The Clock Strikes Thirteen

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    The Clock Strikes Thirteen

    As I am beginning to read 1984 for my English class, I have tried to put some deeper thought into why Orwell chose to make the clock go to thirteen. One of my theories is that, since Orwell is displaying a dystopian society, the clock striking thirteen could be associated with thirteen being considered an unlucky number. By using this reference Orwell may be trying to display how unpleasant the lives of the people in Oceania are or, trying to foreshadow a terrible twist of fate that may be upcoming in the book.

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    I agree with this theory however, it could also mean that they started using military time which would imply that there is a war going on or some sort of military or government involvement. Or it could mean that the government is trying to tell the people that there are 26 hours in a day instead of 24 making the 13th hour half of the day instead of the 12th hour.

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