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Thread: Spiced Lamb: Three Blinks of Eternity (LONG poem, my apologies)

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    Spiced Lamb: Three Blinks of Eternity (LONG poem, my apologies)

    Blink 1 - Childhood

    When I touch something once, it turns to gold

    if I touch it twice it turns to mold

    Everything I manage to touch a third time becomes instantaneously old

    if I manage to touch it again it becomes new

    Nature can destroy however much it can

    it will still be worshiped by the creatures of its grandiose facilitation

    Even homo sapiens who are belligerent towards nature do so because

    they know deep down that nature doesn’t give a **** how much damage they can thrust upon its soil

    because the soil forgave them a long time ago, like a devoted big brother,

    before it created their little body that doesn’t belong to them

    Spritzula Alexandria is not a city or a country or a continent

    It is a planet. Not all planets require you to abandon Earth

    You can visit and become one with another planet without leaving your home planet

    for the same dignified reason that you can visit and become one with another person

    without leaving your body or yourself or your purpose

    This force that holds your noise and your invisible shapes in place is called dignity

    and dignity encapsulates gravity. Dignity is a vital force of nature

    The first humans were the last lucky civilization that received the chance to understand dignity

    before leaving the womb, before ever seeing the sun.

    Poor bastard homo sapiens don’t remember the womb

    so once they are born they radically overestimate the importance and warmth of the sun.

    The sun may be warm and powerful enough to create an Earthly body

    but it is not powerful enough to create an Earthly soul, let alone a Heavenly Body.

    Neanderthals would spend two years in the womb and half of that time was spent fully sentient and comprehensive. With potent lucidity and hypersensitivity they would dwell in the electric chemical perfection of their mother’s womb, and they would feel the electrical exchange of the momentum of God's sacrifice as it is pumped directly into them via the loving heartbeat. The primordial man worships after she finishes growing and glorifying within the womb. The word worship was used back then to describe the biological phenomenon of when a mind leaves the womb and synchronizes with the infinite green and blue of planet Earth.

    What used to be called worship is now called birth.

    Blink 2 - Adolescence

    Poor and unlucky homo sapiens don’t even remember being in the womb

    Thus they’re born oblivious and confused,

    vulnerable and desperate and used,

    and when they emerge from their insufficient 9-month cocoon

    they are immediately immersed in the biological state of searching forever.

    This entails the chaotic entrails of a nebulous and volatile love

    that they don’t understand but want more of,

    even if the process of experiencing this not good enough chemical and homo Sapien love destroys them

    A newborn Primordial man emerges from the womb and looks at the sky

    She feels the humid and sweet air on her flesh and she has no reason to ask why

    And she can still feel it.

    She can still feel that hallelujah – that electrical chemical paradise

    She can still feel the same loving heartbeat of her mother from beyond

    that has been with her all along. She still feels God.

    Hallelujah! She still feels the same hateful heartbeat

    cursing electricity through her central nervous system,

    transplanting nutrients into her bloodstream and blessing both her waking hours and her dreams

    with a one-of-a-kind vitality and force

    that pierces a spear into the spleen

    of the Lord’s sacrificed sky

    The great thing about primordial man's hate is that once a primordial man experiences the sensation of hatred

    in a particular context they activate a crystallized supply of proto-serotonin contained as authentic and supramundane electricity in their gut

    and it metabolizes their idiosyncratic hatred into universal proto-curiosity.

    This is why 9 months is way too short of a time to create an intelligent flesh!

    The homo Sapien was an abomination of the flesh but not an abomination of nature

    But worry not, precious homo sapiens

    All abominations can be mastered and forgiven. Even Satan.

    Even Satan can be forgiven. This is something that every planet in the Cosmos except for Earth has realized thus far. Earth just doesn’t want to forgive Satan. Earthlings will gladly smear Satan’s blood over their exposed skin and they will proudly grin as they humiliate him.

    But they will not forgive him.

    And I can’t blame Earth. I can only blame the stupid

    Stupidity is the breeding ground that allows Satan to exist

    Stupidity is the breeding ground that facilitates non-existence

    And if Satan were forgiven then nobody would be able to wither away into extinction anymore

    They’d have to face reality for the long and golden haul

    As children, they would have loved to face this reality

    But now, as adults, they are too distant and extracted

    A long time ago they forgot what real love feels like

    Such is the original shame of the homo Sapien.

    They are the only persuasion of humans to forget what real love feels like.

    Love does not lead the path, it obliterates you into infinity and eternity

    So that your footsteps and dance moves can do the rest

    Earth is more than a planet

    It is also a Siamese twin with a trillion brains and a trillion sins

    none of the sins were its fault

    such is the glory of the child and the adolescent

    Blink 3 - Death

    When I was 14 years, 3 months, and 16 days old

    It was during the month of the Pentecost and the seven holy spices

    I had fled from the city and retreated to the waterfall barracks of Spritzula Alexandria

    to visit my great grandfather who was shunned by the city

    and proclaimed mundane by the king back in August.

    I brought him spiced lamb and we had a big laugh

    about the big outrageous and hilarious event that caused him to be ostracized and lashed

    “If I need to have a king proclaim that I am mundane then I am NOT mundane!”

    he said with roaring aplomb and deep gutted laughter. Oh how I miss him. His name was John the Baptist.

    They don’t eat lamb in Spritzula Alexandria. They study them.

    Studying the behavior of lambs teaches wise men about the apocalypse, meanwhile

    the demons and goats of the city self-righteously slaughter lambs in order to forget the apocalypse ever happened

    Please pardon my strange dialect of English. Where I’m from, apocalypse does not have a negative connotation.

    Where I'm from, negative connotations do not exist. Apocalypse is a wonderfully good and amazing thing for anyone

    who has already experienced it. Apocalypse is what occurs whenever the unknown becomes known and then unknown again.

    Apocalypse is free and non-renewable

    John started to cry tears of joy. “I can’t believe that you aren’t even 17 yet and you’re already ready to be told one of the 72 principalities of infinity.”

    My heart started to pound really ****ing hard like a demon and I felt myself forget how to breathe.

    I didn’t want to face it yet. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to leave childhood and become an infinite.

    I’m not ready to become more than I already am yet. I am not ready to grow exponentially! I am not ready for my flesh to become more than history, a mystery

    I then saw an atomic bomb go off in each of my glorious papa’s eyes

    because he saw my hesitation. He realized how much potential and electricity I was comprehending with my brain.

    so he closed his eyes and started to sing in a language that I am not old enough to learn yet.

    After singing his song he said, “Every time you blink you experience a death that lasted forever. The difference between an atom and a mind is that a mind is obliterated into the future and an atom is obliterated into zero and regurgitated as a dynamism of past and present. But nothing is ever forgotten. Do not ever confuse regurgitation with emergence."

    “Inadequate!” I screamed, and I could feel blood that had started to trickle out of my right nostril. He smiles at me and pauses for a long spiritual moment

    “Young boy, you cannot grow without God and you cannot die without God. You can conquer universes and planets and bacteria without God, but you cannot conquer yourself without God. And if you cannot conquer yourself then you cannot be yourself. And if you cannot be yourself then you can never experience spacetime the way spacetime experiences spacetime. And if you cannot experience spacetime the way spacetime experiences spacetime then you cannot be a materialist. Remember, material that names itself cannot be material."

    "But I don't want to be a materialist!"

    "I know. Trust me, I know. But if you can't be a materialist then you cannot be a dynamist. And if you cannot be a dynamist then you cannot meet God."

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    Very cool poem, BB. No apologies needed, for goodness sakes!
    Really enjoyed this.
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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