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Thread: Suggestions based on my favourites, please.

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    Suggestions based on my favourites, please.

    Hello. Im new here and was hoping for a favour from a community of wide readers.

    It's hard to find books that suit my tastes. Id be so appreciative if the good people here could suggest a couple authours of poetry or fiction I should check out, given my favourites.

    I love raw, honest, philosophical, beautiful writers, like: Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Tobias Wolff, Vonnegut.

    Thanks if you get a chance.


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    I know nothing about Tobias Wolff - other than he is American? I will give you a list of five writers of fiction whose novels you may find entertaining or interesting: Patrick White (Australian) Steve Toltz (Australian) Iain Pears (English) RC Hutchinson (English) Joseph Conrad(Polish)

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