Alcohol has made a big impact on my life. Itís changed me, and the perception others have of who i am. And itís brought so much darkness to my life. Iíve tried putting the bottle down, but i canít. I need it to drown the mistake of me away. Iíve done things to myself Iím not proud of. Iíve done things to myself that Iím not proud of. Iím constantly hurting myself and the ones closest to me. Iím not a stranger to the dark, ive only become excepting of it. Excepting of where my fate is leading me. The reality of the situation is Iím killing myself. And in that moment where i feel like Iím dying, Iím flying. Thatís what a burning sensation down my throat does to me. Iím addicted to what Iíd slowly killing me. And i desperately need to leave this nightmare i call life.