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Thread: Is any opera story literature-worthy?

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    Is any opera story literature-worthy?

    I'd like to slowly tell opera stories to my young child. Then when he's aware of the story I can introduce the songs.

    But any opera I've seen so far has pretty lousy story lines.

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    I do not know much about opera, but that surprises me. Carmen was based on a short story by Prosper Mérimée. Otello was based on Shakespeare's play Othello. Tristan and Isolde was based on an old Celtic legend.
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    Many regard Wagner's Ring Cycle as having high literary value. That being said, I like to think of opera as something that should be seen and heard, rather than read. That being said, I am also of the mind that Shakespeare's dramatic works should be watched primarily and read closely secondarily.

    Works have intentions -- Opera is no different.

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    I'll agree with JBI. Good to see you are still around.
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    Tales of Hoffman has 3 stories which could work like fairy tales. The middle part of Coppelia & Hoffman might work. Rigalleto, Don Giovanni, The Pearl Fishers & the Marriage of Figaro could be adapted a bit and that might work too. Tristian & Isolde - the idea of a love potion causing all manner of trouble would be a fine tale - and probably be be better without Wagner's renowned brevity. The Pearl Fishers - all of them could make bedtime stories that would not be too far off fairy tales.

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    I’d say very likely if the opera is any good

    The Greek choruses are sung, the epic poetry of Homer and the Old English bards was sung.

    So there’s a conjunction between great music and great literature

    Oh, and Shakespeare’s Songs in the play

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