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Thread: Andre Marty in Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls

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    Andre Marty in Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Greetings people. First of all, I am not sure whether this thread belongs in this section. If not, feel free to move it where it does. Anyway, I am writing some thesis about Hemingway's acclaimed novel For Whom the Bell Tolls and I have a huge dilemma.
    Andre Marty, a non-fictional person appears in the novel under the same name and Hemingway accuses him (in the novel) for delaying Jordan's message to General Golz. Now, what exactly did Andre Marty do in real life that made Hemingway name a character after him to depict the betrayal of the Republican cause by the hand of its leaders ? Some critics claim that Andre Marty was an object of Hemingway's scorn beside La Passionaria. Should you need an elaboration, post it here. Thanks in advance. :-)

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    Well he was a Stalinist lickspittle and all round are"&£@le. Perhaps that had a little to do with it.

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    For a start:é_Marty

    Anyway you have to consider that, once put into a novel, every character is fictional, even ifit is based on a real person.
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