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Thread: Rescuing a Damsel in Distress

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    Rescuing a Damsel in Distress

    Part #2

    After lunch, Tommy took his walking stick and went to the barn where he left Alfie, his new friend, dressed as Tonto. Alfie rode up to him on Scout. “Hi, Tommy, have a good lunch?”

    “The usual, nothing special. Yer still dressed like Tonto, but I’m not the Long Ranger.”

    “Yes, you are. Look. And here comes Silver.”

    In a flash, Tommy’s clothes changed. He was wearing cowboy boots and hat, six-shooters with pearl handles, and a mask.

    “I’m the Long Ranger again.” He straddled his stick, Silver. “I’m ready.”

    “Okay,” said Tonto. “What shall we play?”

    “Let’s play this: A damsel is being held captive by the bad-guys, and we are going to rescue her.”

    “It’s a good play.”

    “If we carefully make our way along the fence to the corncrib, we could sneak up on them in the pigpen, and they won’t see us. Be careful approaching the corncrib, there’s usually a lookout strutting back and forth on the chicken coop’s roof. If he crows, we’re doomed.”

    “All...right. I’m game”

    “Once we get to the pigpen, we can chase the bad-guys away and rescue the damsel.”

    “It sounds like a good plan to me. Let’s go.”

    “Hi ho Silver, away,” the Lone Ranger shouted as they galloped at full speed.

    Tonto and the Lone Ranger slowed their gallop to a walk when they approached the corncrib. They dismounted and tied their horses to the fence so they could eat the fresh grass growing between the fence and corncrib.

    “Watch out; there’s the lookout on the chicken coop’s roof,” said Tonto.

    The rooster, on top of the chicken-coop roof, was looking right at them. Tonto and the Lone Ranger crouched and waited. After a while, the rooster turned away, walked to the far end of the roof, flapped his wings, and glided to the ground.

    “Let’s go,” the Lone Ranger said. “He’s landed in the chicken pen and can’t see us from there.”

    Keeping close to the ground, Tonto and the Lone Ranger advanced toward the pigpen. They could see the bad-guys through the slats in the fence and sure could smell them too. The bad-guys were all sleeping in the mud. Occasionally, they’d grunt and squeal at each other but remained sleeping in the hot sun.

    “This’ll be easier than I thought,” said the Lone Ranger. “While they are asleep, we can climb over the fence and rescue the damsel.”

    “Good plan.”

    “Wait here, Tonto. Maybe it’ll be safer if one of us climbs over and rescues the damsel. The other can keep watch.”

    “I like that plan. How do we decide who goes?”

    The Lone Ranger thought for a few moments and said, “How about rock, paper, and scissors?”

    “Okay by me.”

    “ I got rock.”

    “Ha...ha. Paper, you lose, Ranger.”

    “How about two out of three?”

    “No. You lost, Ranger, so you go.”

    “Okay, I’ll go. Just keep a close watch on the bad-guys.”

    “What if they wake up?”

    “Just holler, wave your arms, and jump up and down. They’re easily frightened.”

    The Lone Ranger crept to the far side of the pigpen and looked back to where Tonto was crouching. He could see his baseball cap, feathers, and long red hair. He hoped the bad-guys didn’t see him before he rescued the damsel.

    The Lone Ranger looked through the slats in the fence one more time before implementing the rescue plan. The bad-guys were still sleeping in the mud bath. Quietly, he climbed up the slatted-fence and down into the pigpen.

    “Tommy, what are you doing? Those pigs can be mean when they’re startled,” Tommy heard Mommy yell from the house. “Get out of that pigpen right this minute and leave those pigs alone!”

    One pig grunted and changed position in the mud. Oh no, they’re waking up! Our plan will be discovered if they wake up. The Lone Ranger quickly helped the damsel over the fence, and they all ran toward Silver and Scout.

    “You’re my hero,” said the damsel, and she tried to hug and kiss the Lone Ranger.

    The Lone Ranger pulled away just in time. “Just doing my duty, Miss Damsel. No thanks are needed and no kissing, either!” Before she could try to hug and kiss him again, Tonto and The Lone Ranger mounted their horses. The Lone Ranger tipped his hat to the damsel.

    “Hi ho Silver, away,” the Lone Ranger shouted as they galloped down the road toward the huge rock.

    The damsel shouted, “Who was that masked man?”


    It was great having a friend to share moments like these. Tommy knew Alfie and he could be friends forever.

    “Your Daddy is coming home from work. His car is approaching. But before I go, remember this: when you hear a new word, ask your Mommy or Daddy what it means. You’ll increase your vocabulary that way.”

    “What’s a vocabulary?”

    “It’s all the words you know, understand, and use when you speak. People often judge you by the words you use. Next time, we’ll work on the word ‘ya.’ You should say ‘you’ instead of ‘ya.’”

    “I learned so much today, my head’s going to burst!”

    “You have no idea what’s in store for you. Goodbye for now, it’s almost time for supper.”

    Alfie faded out of sight and was gone. Tommy slowly walked toward home. Daddy stopped his car alongside of him. “Get in; ya can ride home with me.”

    “Sure, Daddy; thanks for the ride.”

    Saying ‘you’ instead of ‘ya’ was going to be a hard habit to break, because my hero always said ‘ya.’
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