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Thread: I am the Woman

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    I am the Woman

    When a door opens
    And a siren enters the room
    And every head turns
    I am that woman

    When the siren slinks
    And you can hear a pin drop
    As the mouths fall open
    I am that woman

    When the wives tut
    And girlfriends whisper
    And menís eyes undress
    I am that woman

    When a mouth is just another orifice
    And conversing eye to eye
    Is really eye to breast
    I am that woman

    I am the woman
    Oozing sexual desire
    I am the woman
    Men and women picture naked
    I am the woman
    They all want to possess

    When you are valued
    For whatís between your legs
    Than between your ears
    I am that woman

    When you are called a whore
    And treated like a slut
    Viewed like a piece of meat
    I am that woman

    They call me tart
    They call me siren,
    They call me temptress
    They call me vamp

    I want to be called sweetheart
    I want to be called darling
    I want to be called mum

    I am the woman
    Considered to be desirable
    I am the woman
    That oozes sexuality
    I am the woman
    Who can have any man she chooses
    I am the woman
    Who wants to be chosen
    By a man who can see me!

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    Yes, people can be downright rotten to folks who just naturally have good looks. Sad really.
    I thought that you captured that whole idea beautifully. Well done.
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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