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Thread: "Spooner" or Later

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    "Spooner" or Later

    As we have been learning in this finger-pointing age, the act of speaking can be just as awkwardly difficult as writing. Social gaffes, and (lately) life-destroying comments can spill out of a person’s mouth before he or she can realize what has inadvertently and irreparably happened.

    Lately I’ve been nostalgic for an earlier age when a mangled phrase caused a mere blush. Such a blip often made for unintentional humor; everybody enjoyed a brief chuckle and moved on. William Archibald Spooner, Thou should be living at this hour!

    So that’s ^ the prelude to this next ditty, having first appeared on the NitLet in 2013, inspired by the Financial Meltdown of Ought Eight.

    Minancial Feltdown
    (or) My Spell-Check is Going Nuts

    Straw Wheat brock stokers got a fin wall.
    Banks said they weren’t too fig to fail.
    The gift came with no stings attacked.
    Cat fats gorged from the porky pail.

    A one-sided pimulous stackage
    Highed-up pile never let them down.
    No such goodies went to Strain Meet.
    Nothing dripped for Drickle Town.

    Don Joe’s pension flushed down the tubes.
    Hortgage molders sensed a bad vibe.
    Time to press the cheeky glass
    and curse the way it kissed the bribe.
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    Thanks, Aunty. It tickled by bunny phone.
    And this from a man in a bunny suit.

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    Deciphering it was fun.


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    Thank you both. And Jack -- long time, no hear from! Good to see ya back on the NitLet.

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    I agree with Jack, deciphering it was a blast!
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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    Bloody auto complete...

    Live long and prosper - H

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