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Thread: The Old Rustic Stile

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    The Old Rustic Stile

    The old rustic stile

    At the end of the lane

    Still stands like a memorial

    Marking that special place

    Where the fates conspired

    That our souls should meet

    Though on that day

    We purposely trod opposing paths

    But met at that rustic spot

    And to help you cross

    I took hold of your hand,

    Small and silken soft

    Guiding you safely to my side

    Where you stood on terra firma

    And despite the presence

    Of our companions

    We were to all intents

    Quite alone as we stood

    Hand in hand and in the moment

    When hand touched hand

    We at once beheld

    Our lives from that point on

    Would be forever altered

    Our future journeys

    Would be as fellow travellers

    And we were content

    With a shared destiny

    The old rustic stile

    At the end of the lane

    Stands like a monument

    Marking the place of alteration

    A significant place

    A spiritual place

    A place often revisited

    And on such sojourns

    We find romantic renewal

    As the energizing memory

    Of that special moment

    Of love at first sight

    Assails our senses

    Essentially invigorating

    Like imbibing the waters

    From the fountain of youth

    And our hearts once again

    Resound with joyousness

    Sweet moments of romance

    Those excited tingles

    Of loves first passion

    When hearts beat faster

    And desire courses

    Through every fibre

    The thrill of blossoming love

    Adding to the strata

    Of our love, laid down

    Through all our years together

    So by returning to the place

    Of loves wondrous inception

    We keep our love alive

    And in equal measure

    Love returns the favour

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    What a precious poem.
    Truly heartfelt and truly beautiful.
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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