Simply Irresistable

He put on a great front Dude did, and if you’d didn’t know him better you would think he was alright. But that was not the case.

Dude was sad most of the time now, especially when his thoughts drifted back to Cathy up north. He’d play a song to distract himself. Or he’d drink a beer to distract himself. A woman can be pretty distracting to a man when he’s in such a state. Nothing can take a man’s mind off a woman as good as another woman.
That’s a fact. So, basically that’s how he and Christy hooked up.

One day he needed some papers. When he was checking his pockets he came up with her number. It was written on a cigarette paper and folded in his wallet. Smoking had always provided a distraction too, so it was a two-fer situation. A woman and smoking in one. How nice. How very nice for both of them.

Like I said, he found her number and gave her a call.

“Chris’s Trip,” a voice said. It was her voice.

“Is this Christy?”


“This is Dude. “ Why did you say “Chris’s trip?”

“That’s the name of my shop, Chris’s Trip”

“Smoke shop?”

“Of course,” she laughed a girl’s laugh, “Did you think it was a travel agency?”

Now it was his turn to laugh.

“Well, I was looking for you. And I need rolling papers too. Clubs."

“Looking for me?”

“Looking for you and the finest rolling papers you've got.”

“You can have both. Come by about ten. I close after that.”

She gave him the address and when she did he looked at the clock. It was nine. He took his time and had a beer. Then he did a line. He practiced taking his time. After that he took more time and ate a blue V. Then he took a sip of the beer. He played a few tunes, grabbed a fat tasty nugget of Purple Kush and did a short puff in his handmade glass pipe. He took his time with that too. He considered that when he got hold of her he would take his time, she was so fine. He followed that with another short line before leaving out the door. Dude knew how to get ready for something... he really did.

I would say that when he pulled up in front of the shop he was as ready as ready can be. He was primed, and seven sheets to the wind. Maybe too primed.

Her shop looked like all smokeshops. There were the shelves with endless varieties of bongs directly ahead. To the right were the rows of papers up on the walls. There were Zig-zags, Rizlas, and Clubs, all sorts of papers. To the left were glass counters full of pipes. Big pipes, small pipes, glass pipes, wooden pipes, smoke-a-tokes, sneak-a-tokes, all kind of tokes. There were stash boxes made of carved wood from India, and metal stash boxes with magnets you could stick to the bottom of your car. Then there were rows of those useless spray cans with hollow bottoms made to stash **** too. For a smoke shop the amount of tobacco was minimal. There was incense in a million flavors, both good bad and ugly, all the usual stuff and plenty of it. Then there was her.

In his intoxicated state, and he was in an intoxicated state, she looked pretty good. In fact, she usually looked pretty good so right now she looked even better. That is, since he was in such an intoxicated state. When he first saw all the stuff he forgot what he had come there for. When he saw her he remembered. It was her particular stuff.

Oh, and did I mention? She was blasting Robert Palmer oldies on the stereo. In smoke shops they often blast the stereo. It was the song “Simply Irresistible.”

“She used to look good to me
But now I find her…
Simply irresistible”

“Just a minute,” she said, “and I’ll close up. Then we can get down to business.”

Getting down sounded good to him. She walked past him to lock the door and as she did she casually drug her fingernails, they were fire-engine red fingernails, lightly over his chest.

Hmmm. Was that thought provoking or what?

She locked the door, then turned and looked at him. Girls like her know how to look at men. She pulled the shade down over the door.

“I don’t want us to be disturbed.”


He decided right then he didn’t want “us” to be disturbed either.

When she walked back past him he smelled her perfume. It was nice perfume. He liked smelling perfume and the fact she walked by so close.

“Let’s go in back and talk,” she said.

He liked talking to pretty girls and he liked going in back. This whole thing was proving too good not to swallow. So after he cleared his throat he managed to say,


She took his hand and showed him where it was. She liked taking men’s hands and showing them where things were.

“I’m breakin promises
“She’s breakin every law
She’s unavoidable
Her back’s against the wall.”

At his point he went silent and didn’t say anything like Hmmm, nothing at all like Hmmm.

He couldn’t. He was too busy taking care of business. So was she.

So she liked and he liked (with Dude it was always ladies first) and together they liked a lot into the wee hours. That’s how Christy and Dude got hooked up. Things couldn’t have been simpler. Things between them were,

“Simply irresistible.”

Christy found out that Dude was a real gentleman. Call him Gentleman Dude.

Now I can't say exactly what Dude's attitude was about all this. But I did overhear the mental note he made when he left the next morning.

It was, "Add this girl to my lists of addictions."

With some women one taste is all you need. And the first one is always free.

©StevenHunley2010 Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible