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Thread: World Cup 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgarricerice View Post
    That's that, then: England's out. Wayne Rooney was carrying too much weight the last time I checked his BMI, by the way.
    It is the world cup. Someone has to go. You cant blame Wayne Rooney.
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    England started well. They took my advice and actually passed the ball forward. Unfortunately, that lasted only for about the first 20 minutes. After that, they had a lead, and they reverted to negative football. As I suspected, Croatia dominated the midfield, and produced chance after chance. Kane looked like he was still injured, and England lacks a Modric or Rakitic.

    It's been a mediocre World Cup. All the good teams ended up on the same side of the draw. Belgium - Brazil and Belgium - France were good games,but other than that the competition has been dull. I suspect France has a little too much talent for Croatia in the final, but one never knows. Where do I collect my winnings?

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    I was on vacation and missed most of the matches, but seems like everyone stopped betting here. Well, I'll be putting all on France today. Let's see...

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