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Thread: the third plan of peace was succeeded! for children

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    The third plan of peace was succeeded! for children

    Once upon a time there had been fox, donkey and a lion altogether lived in a forest. The lion, as always is the king of the forest. One day felt hungry and asked his ever companion the fox, which did not leave the lion in all his actions as if was his prime minister, to bring him a food and if not the fox would be eaten.
    The fox replied, no, no, don't eat me, but eat the donkey, and I shall bring him out for you at once.
    OK, but don't be late, said the lion.
    The fox did a shuttle visit to the donkey place and said:
    Be aware the lion is looking for another one to be the king of the forest and I advise you come near to him and prove your sincerity perhaps the matter will go right and chooses you a king.
    The donkey said, are you sure Mr. Fox!
    The fox said, certainly "Yes!"
    You should be chosen for this a new position!
    The donkey began to think about the position, which is waiting for joy at the opportunity of his all life to be suitable for the shape and form of his new kingdom and his entourage of pink dreams that flew in another space.
    Of course, the donkey arrived at the lion and before he spoke, the lion leaped hitting him on the head and cut his ears. The donkey fled immediately.
    Therefore, the first peace plan failed!
    The lion said: O fox let me have the 'donkey' and if not I shall eat you….
    The fox said: I will bring it to you but I hope you kill it quickly
    The lion said: "I wait you."
    The fox went to the donkey again and said to him: It is true that you're a donkey and do not understand, how to leave the Council of the King of the jungle and waste on yourself this position. Do you not want to become a king?
    The donkey said: Play another fox, you laugh at me and say that he wants to set me up as a king, and in fact, he wants to eat me!
    The fox said, O donkey, this is not true he really wants to appoint you a King but act slowly and do not hesitate.
    The donkey said: So how do you explain his hitting on my head, so that my ears were cut off?
    The fox said, you are a donkey, how you will crown and how to the crown on your head, you had your ears been cut so that the crown can be fit on your head.
    The donkey said: 'This is the truth, O fox; I will go with you to the good hearted lion!
    The donkey accompanied by the fox came to the lion's den again.
    O lion I am sorry, I have misjudged you, said the donkey!
    Simple got better…replied the lion.
    The lion got out of his place and approached to the donkey hitting it again and cutting off the donkey's tail this time. The donkey fled again.
    The fox said: You tired me, lion
    The lion grumblingly asked the fox to give him the donkey back soon and if not he will eat the fox.
    The fox said, soon, the King of the jungle!
    Thus, the second peace attempt has failed!
    The fox returned to the donkey saying: "What is your problem, donkey?"
    The donkey said: You are a liar and you laugh at me, I lost my ears then I lost my tail, and you still say wants to set me up a king, you are cunning O fox!
    The fox said, 'O donkey, think of, tell me by God how you sit on the king's throne and your tail is under you?
    The donkey said: I did not think about this and it did not come into my mind.
    The fox said: "This is why the lion felt it necessary to cut it!"
    The donkey said, you are honest, fox, please take me to apologize to him perhaps we arrange things.
    The fox took the donkey with him to the lion for a third time.
    The donkey said: I am sorry, lion, and I am ready for all what you ask me!
    The lion said: "Don’t mention it; these are not just differences of views."
    The lion went sticking out the donkey's neck while the donkey was shouting, 'Where am I putting the crown? Where am I putting the crown? Where am I putting the crown?' No more and the donkey loses its last breaths.
    The lion said: O fox skin out the donkey and give me its brain, its lung, its kidney and its liver.
    The fox said, Ok
    The Fox ate the brain giving back to the lion lungs, kidneys and liver.
    The said: "O fox, where is the brain?"
    The fox said: O King of the jungle I did not find him a brain!
    The lion said, "How is that?"
    The fox said: If the donkey had a brain, he would not return to you after cutting his ears and tail.
    The lion said: "You said the truth O fox, you are the best friend."
    Thus, this is how the third plan of peace was succeeded!
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    Ha ha, enjoyed your story immensely.
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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