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Thread: Is It Really You? Addition.

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    Is It Really You? Addition.

    The wind fans the grass, like a thousand tiny fingers
    the air all around has scent that lingers,
    Is it really you?

    The cawing of a winters crow
    spotting food on the frozen ground below,
    Is it really you?

    Anger rises in many guises
    and fills us with vanity
    and often insanity,
    Is it really you?

    When we experience pain
    and then and then we gain
    a broader outlook, on life's refrain.
    Is it really you?

    Searching forever looking
    for meaning, and seeing
    in travels that life can
    be so demeaning
    Is it really you?

    The sun gleams on the dew
    of a spiders web, lonely feelings
    begin to ebb.
    Is it really you?

    A rainbow arches high above
    a dim reminder of forgotten love
    Is it really you?

    Warmest regards Michael,
    I know nothing,and that is ALL.

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    Nice. But think this "every sentence should be new and never said before".

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