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Thread: The Creature From Querpdermis Querbaffle

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    The Creature From Querpdermis Querbaffle

    The Creature from Querpdermis Querbaffle
    Walks with a lilt and slight shuffle
    It came to Earth one stormy night
    A swoop and crash led to its plight

    But from the firey remains it emerges
    With the hunger and thirst its body urges
    In its nostrils the smell of lamb flambe
    And to the restaurant it makes its way

    Inside it winds to a distant table
    And sort of sits as best it's able
    For a while on the waiter it impatiently waited
    Whence it suddenly lunged and the waiter it ated

    Did I mention the Creature has no manners?
    Into polite societal works it throws its spanners
    Even amongst its own it is considered rude
    But worse now it has tasted people food

    It jumps at the waitress and gnaws at her legs
    It leaps at the customers and bites off their heads
    The arms of the headchef and guts of an intern
    The Maître d' it ravenously devours all parts in turn

    And once its fiendish meal is gone
    It craves more, raw, medium, or well done,
    Burnt to a crisp it makes no matter
    Nor covered in sweet rich pastry batter

    As long as it could eat it it was fine
    And so out on the street it continues to dine
    It chomps on them young, it chomps on them old
    It munches the meek, it munches the bold

    Wherever it went it caused the kerfuffle
    The Creature from Querpdermis Querbaffle
    It can move fast and far though its leg is broke
    But a sudden appearance of a spaced out bloke

    He is clothed in sparkly out of space suit
    And armed with a weapon that looks like a hoot
    A Disintegrator Ray Gun, but he needs a clear shot
    And his helmet seems to be making him hot

    The Creature had opened its gob double wide
    To facilitate getting the Spaceman inside
    But just at it lurches our hero lets fire
    In the nick of time as the situation was dire

    Except he missed.

    The Creature hissed.

    But all was not lost as the Spaceman leaps
    And once in its mouth his promise he keeps
    Fires a shot down its throat and waits a second
    The Creature now gone, in Deutsche he sprechened

    'Holgar Von Handimann is sorry you're anguished
    I have travelled far and I have vanquished
    The Creature from Querpdermis Querbaffle'
    And he walks away to buy a Lebanese falafel

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    Wonderful! Nice to see some really great comic verse on the site.
    And this from a man in a bunny suit.

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