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Thread: Facebook Bubble.

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    Facebook Bubble.

    I知 getting the weird feeling that when it comes to social media that I知 living inside some kind of bubble.

    There are some of my associates that refuse to join the likes of Facebook for reasons of privacy; bordering on paranoia and reminiscent of that military character in Dr Strangelove who was convinced that the Ruskies were stealing his bodily juices.

    I have myself embraced the use of Facebook as a way of finding out what my friends are up to.

    However despite such friends being so diverse in composition, and from multi-cultural backgrounds, a definite pattern is beginning to emerge.

    Among the various distinctive groups we have:

    1. The Vietnamese who post pictures of babies. Babies & then more babies. The whole population seems to revolve around either growing rice, or procreating.

    2. South Africans seem to alternate between the extremes of safari wildlife shots to the total mayhem of whites being murdered, schools being burned down and a remorseless acceleration towards the final precipice.

    3. Filipinos are also into babies in a big way; but at least they intersperse their postings with pictures of their other main occupation, namely eating. Filipinos seem to eat 5-6 times a day & the rice cooker never cools down from the day it is purchased.

    4. The Brits are a strange lot. Basically a race of compromise until roused, they seem to have reverted to mails that slag off: muslims, and immigrants of all kinds. I知 sure in there somewhere is still the latent ill at ease perception towards the Welsh, Scots, Irish and the French onion sellers who cross the English Channel on their bicycles to tout their wares.

    5. And then we have our cousins across the pond in seemingly endless civil war mode, between those that either support or denigrate the orange haired gentleman and his revolving door administration.

    6. Then finally we have a miscellaneous group comprised of those who wish to: convert us, inform us that Jesus still lives, provide herbal remedies for gout, or tell us to forward a post to 50 other people immediately to avert an outbreak of shingles.

    Am I alone among fellow Lit Nutters in observing all this?
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    Ha ha, interesting observations!

    I do not have a Face Book account because it causes such a hullaballoo most of the time with various family members of mine ... And I have often heard the comment "Too Much Information" comes from keeping up with everyone. It becomes so consuming... I just can't be bothered. Further, no one needs to know what colour underwear I am wearing today.... yah know?

    Great thread.
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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    I've been getting synchronicities about bubbles and shingles lately. I'm counting this as one.

    I was on facebook for five minutes and decided: Why?
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