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Thread: Meditation A simple guide to practice and do.

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    Nice post.

    Soft music alone helps me to center. I enjoyed singing in our choir (taking a short break while ministering to my wife) because our hymns help to invite the Spirit by utilizing the Universal Divine Harmonics you mentioned. On the flip side I notice a withdrawing of the Spirit when listening to rock music.

    I've been using meditative music on YouTube for some time for relaxation and sleep:

    I also use similar music utilizing Binaural Beats at various frequencies - which do have some detrimental side effects for children and pregnant women that should be taken into account, and may cause headaches in others.

    ... and I also use natural sounds to help me sleep - especially a loop of ocean waves I access on my Kindle (no birds/instruments/etc); and less frequently rain/forest/babbling brook sounds.

    I like your phrase "tuning in" to inner harmonies which I try to tune into when I get a chance to completely block out all sound and reflect.

    A few poems I've written on the subject:

    Of "Hymns" I Sing (pg. ix)

    Though I sing out of time
    and sing out of tune
    My Heavenly Father
    fills me with
    His perfect love
    and His spirit... when
    I sing from hymns

    11/25/2012 r.11/26/2012

    Gem in the Rough

    I'd been in reflection
    After reading my scriptures
    In meditation listening
    To a selection of random soft music
    Concentrating mostly on my breathing
    My heart beating its interminable beat
    When I heard a sweet melody
    From, most appropriately,
    "Notes From the Tree of Life"
    Accompanied by a still quiet voice
    Beyond doubt by the Holy Spirit
    I then realized
    His simple Heavenly message
    A spiritual gem to declare:
    Christ Lives !
    Then was prompted to share it with you


    I Meditate

    A mandala has imprinted upon my mind -

    truly a wheel of fortune - one eternal round

    Center - the tree of life with all its purity

    Lehi's vision made manifest welcomes my thought

    I reflect upon my burial in water -

    upon my gift of fire - a reluctant saint

    no longer I would aspire to the innocence

    the faith of the humble man from Cupertino -

    to feast upon His perfect love - life eternal


    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
    tailor STATELY

    who am I but a stitch in time
    what if I were to bare my soul
    would you see me origami


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    Many thanks, Tailor STATELY for the post you made, will look at the links you also posted, thanks. I usually sleep like a log, but on occasions do have trouble nodding off, so those links you sent me will be very handy in that case. I usually meditate every morning and evening.

    Warmest regards Michael.
    I know nothing,and that is ALL.

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    A stranger unto yourself, that is what I was, until the opportunity to practice meditation entered into my consciousness over forty years ago, due to a life-threatening illness is seen by me as a major crisis. I have since pondered on the idea and the internal inkling that i was not alone in being a stranger to myself. I have since seen many who did not know who they were, imagine living within your body for say seventy or eighty years, and just as you are about to die, think who the hell am I really? It is a sad state that there are literally billions of us, who have not got a clue about their real immortal idenitity, many are not interested, many are just ignorant. and seem content to stay that way, and there are others who are keen and have experienced things within themselves, that have caused them to question, who am I really? These few are torch bearers that will lighten the way for their kin folk when they are ready to take that next step into the unknown. Meditation is the science of knowing, rather than believing.
    Warmest regards Michael.
    I know nothing,and that is ALL.

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