The opening words of this book start as follows; Oh no,Not another Book! This book is not required, but could possibly be helpful in one's realisation of God.
Books galore,do obscure,when resulting in detour, books of quest do fail the test, but may trigger what is best,books are seed when indeed,they beckon on to
self perceive,books to this end do contend,broken hearts are sure to mend.
In a note for all readers, Crystaqueous writes, The precise nature or secret key regarding attaining that which is called -fully awakening "out" of the illusion
of dream and the associated body ascension experience,is succinctly set forth in the main contents of this book.However the guarantee that one will experience
such in this life time is not in the reading of this book but rather in the Secret Vault of one's own heart. This book will guide the reader to unlocking that vault".

Spirit is our only SELF, I or ME! Boundless, immeasurable, timeless, spaceless, incorporeal, There is no mortal,human or material being,mind, self or body,
There is but "ME"--I AM the ONE who is real and present.

If any of us is searching for an answer to who we are, or what we are, then this book can really help to reward the seeker.

Warmest regards Michael.