1/ Luminaries ideas spring up within
like volcanic liquid fire.

2/Reason flashes before a moths wing
clouds of doubt regale our gaze.

3/On distant shores, ventured alone
radiant beauty softened the chill.

4/Rivers of liquid light flowed like
swirls of vaporous mist.

5/Fear called out, but listened not
as the gateway to no where opened.

6/Many were there, but none
were present.

7/The hole in life flashed by, like
a rabid dog on its last day.

8/Within a strand of being
echoes raised.

9/Were it not for this
that would be!

10/Feeling lost among many
shadows whisper comforting words.

11/Out of the depths in shallow
seas,waves of despair carry comfort

12/Rivers of joy,beguile my
awkward gaze.

That's all for this one
warmest regards Michael.