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Thread: Colin, Kiera, David, and Me

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    Colin, Kiera, David, and Me

    Colin, Kiera, David and Me

    Oh Boy, it’s London and it’s them and it’s me too. Always loved the Yardbirds anyway. And look!

    There’s Colin with his twin fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows! Just like when he was Alexander! Oh, look now how he smolders! Oh Jeez, he’s smoldering like crazy, like my heart for Barbara, now she's way up the coast getting her hair done. He’s smoldering like the walls of Troy. Oh no, that was Brad Pitt. I like Brad and all, but Brad was never good at smoldering.

    Note to reader-Am I dropping enough names here? Are you still interested in reading?

    Oh, and look there, it’s Kiera or Kera (or however she spells her name) Nightly or Knightly, as I don’t have time to spell check right now, I’m too busy composing. I’m not composed in the typical sense; I’ve had too much coffee to be really “composed”. In fact, I’m caffeinated as all get out.

    It’s Starbuck’s Sumatra Single-origin Earthy and Herbal Dark Roast. 100% Arabica! Net WT 20 oz. I like the idea of single origin. But it was already ground up and a bit stronger than I imagined. Maybe I didn’t add enough water. When I left the spoon in the cup it could stand up by itself. When an idiot tells you the details on his bag of overpriced coffee you know he’s had too much over-priced coffee

    Oh, Jeez, I’m wandering all over the keyboard too, but at the same time slipping between the cracks in my mind and getting lost. Better get on with the story.

    Then look, its David whatever his last name is because I can never pronounce it. Jim, my good friend who recognizes him too, can’t pronounce it either. I’m clueless, as to how you say it. I don’t think Barb even recognizes him.

    This guy was the Knight Templar in Kingdom of Heaven! By the grace of God he got all the great lines.

    I have to convince Barb to watch this. She won’t want to. They smoke way too many cigarettes. And it’s Noir. It’s color… but it’s Noir.

    A birthday candle in one of Conrad’s typhoons would have more of a chance.

    Maybe I can get Jim to watch it with me.


    ©StevenHunley2018 The Yardbirds Heartful of Soul mix (Jimmy Page / Jeff Beck)
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