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Thread: The Peverell Resilience (Part Two)

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    The Peverell Resilience (Part Two)

    Trevelyan’s eldest daughter Morwenna Singleton was the hardest hit by the events that had displaced them from their ancestral home.
    She had been alone since the premature death of her husband, Leonard, in a riding accident when she was 30, she had subsequently made running the Hall her entire life.
    Morwenna was still an attractive woman though fast approaching 40.
    Like her sisters she had the tell-tale red hair of the Peverell’s and the striking Celtic blue eyes.
    She had been a widow for almost 10 years and she was lonely, she had her family all around her and she loved them dearly but that wasn’t the same as having someone to snuggle up to at the end of the day.
    Someone to share the mundane minutiae of the day.
    She had loved Leonard and she hadn’t felt whole since he died and she missed him terribly.
    But she couldn’t think of herself, not yet Wen was the matriarch of the family and had to be strong for everyone.
    She ran a tight ship, the B&B, the cottages and the holiday lets, the whole enterprise and she was a tough taskmaster.
    But beneath the strong unbreechable veneer her sisters knew she was a warm loving person.
    She had a fuller figure than her sister Demelza, who she most resembled, but she carried it well.

    Morwenna had been pleased and proud in equal measure at how everyone had rallied around and helped to forge new lives for themselves.
    It had been hard for everyone, Demelza gave up her job and sold her house to give them a war chest, but she had been rewarded in the most special way as she had met and fallen in love with a writer called Nathan Burrell.
    Not one of her favourite crime authors.
    Tally and her husband Chris were just at the point where they were considering a family when the rug was pulled from under them, they still had each other though.
    Karensa had bloomed since they had been in the village, she was a stronger, more resilient and happier person, even more so, since her and Alan became an item, with Wen’s help.
    Only she was alone, she was immensely happy for her siblings though.

    It was 10.05am on a glorious July morning and Morwenna was sat on the patio taking a rare coffee break.
    She was in melancholic mood she had just seen Demelza and Nathan walk down the lane and although they had only been together just over a week it was oblivious even to a blind man that they were in love.
    They looked so happy that she found she was quite envious of Dem and she also felt lonelier than ever.
    She chastised herself for her selfishness and consoled herself with the knowledge that she was not without her admirers, that was if one of the regular guests, a 55 year old fisherman with halitosis counted as an admirer.
    However before she could dwell too much on her circumstances she was stirred from her torpor.
    “Is that an unscheduled coffee Mrs Singleton?” Nathan asked “I heard that you ran a tight ship”
    “I do” She replied “have you never heard of “don’t do as I do, do as I say”?”
    “Oh I see” he said
    “So you’re the famous crime novelist?” Morwenna said “I’m more of an Agatha Christie fan myself”
    “Behave Wen” Demelza said “We are here to ask a favour”
    “What kind of favour?” she asked suspiciously
    “It’s an invitation really” he said
    “My publisher is booked in here tomorrow night and I’m cooking dinner and we wondered if you’d make up the four”
    “Can he cook?” she asked Demelza
    “Yes he can” Dem replied
    “Better than he writes I hope” Morwenna added
    “We’ll see you at 8” Demelza said

    The reason Morwenna was able to go to the Station for dinner that Thursday was also the reason that Nathan was cooking dinner for a guest at Dolcoath House, it was her day off and the B&B didn’t serve Dinner on her day off.
    And it would remain that way until they could afford to employ another cook.

    Richard Pruitt, wasn’t just Nathan’s publisher he was also one of his closest friends, even though he was 10 years older, they had met when Nat was at university and Richard was a visiting lecturer, they hit it off immediately and their friendship had become a very profitable one.
    He dressed like a successful man, in hand made suits, but he still managed to look like a comprehensive school Geography teacher.
    He and Nathan had spent much of the day going over his latest chapters and discussing the timetable for publication and the artwork.
    The latter was a no brainer as Nathan had always used the same artist who was always bang on the money with her interpretation.
    They continued chatting in the kitchen while he got on with the dinner, he’d done most of the preparation before Richard arrived.
    “So what’s this Morgana like then?” Richard asked
    “Morwenna” Nathan corrected him “And she’s quite terrifying”
    “And you invited her, why?” he asked
    “Because Demelza says she has a heart of gold” Nathan replied
    “And does she?” Richard asked
    “If she does she certainly keeps it well hidden” Nat replied and laughed

    Demelza and Morwenna left the house together, both wearing cocktail dresses and made up to the nines.
    They both looked stunning with the sun setting their red hair on fire.
    To the casual observer they couldn’t have been anything other than sisters, Wen was just a curvier version of Demelza.
    “Are you sure we needed to dress up?” Wen asked
    “Of course” Dem replied
    “How often do we get the chance to dress up?”
    “Well I understand why you want to look your best” Morwenna said “But why can’t I just wear jeans?”
    “Because it will look like I’m trying to hard” Demelza replied
    “Why does life have to be so complicated?” She asked her self

    As they approached the Station Morwenna thought what a wonderful job Karensa and Alan had done on the exterior, she had been looking forward to seeing inside since it was finished but didn’t get a chance.
    When they reached the door Demelza knocked lightly on the door and went straight in
    “Hello” she called
    “Who’s that?” Nathan called back
    “It’s the talent” Dem we replied
    “Well make yourself comfortable but I can’t give you long as my girlfriend will be here any minute” Nathan said and then appeared from the kitchen
    “Cheek” she said and glowed, she liked it when he called her his girlfriend
    And she kissed him.
    “Wow you two look stunning” he said and kissed Morwenna’s cheek
    “Thank you” Morwenna said taken aback by the compliment
    “Can you do drinks on the patio Hon?” He said to Demelza and added “Richard will be through in a minute he’s just changing”
    Dem followed him into the kitchen, she knew that he’d already have the wine ready and what he really wanted was a snog and she was more than happy to oblige.

    After a satisfying kiss Demelza returned from the kitchen carrying a tray with a chilled bottle of wine in a bucket and the glasses.
    She set down the tray and poured the wine just as Nathan and Richard stepped through the French doors.
    “Hi Richard” Demelza said and kissed his cheek “This is my sister Morwenna”
    Richard was tall and skinny and Morwenna thought he looked in need of a good meal.
    He brushed his sandy hair off his forehead and she shook his hand.
    “Pleased to meet you Richard”
    “Likewise” he replied
    As the two sisters settled down in their seats Richard whispered
    “I thought you said she was an ogre, I think she’s lovely”
    “Really?” Nathan said

    During the course of the meal, with an Author and a Publisher at the table the subject naturally turned to writing.
    “Morwenna prefers Agatha Christie to modern crime fiction” Nathan said
    “Me too” Richard agreed
    “Charming” said Nat “You’re my publisher you at least should be bigging me up”
    “Sorry my boy” Richard said
    “I still think you’re wonderful darling” Demelza said
    “That doesn’t count because you don’t like my books either”
    “Who does exactly?” Richard said unhelpfully
    “Well you need to find out who they are and then keep them away from the Peverell’s” Nathan suggested
    “Well if it’s any consolation you cook better than Agatha Christie at least” said Morwenna
    “High praise indeed” Demelza said
    “Well thank you” Nathan said “For that you can have desert”
    As Nathan and Richard were clearing dishes to the kitchen Wen whispered to Demelza
    “You’ve got a keeper there Dem, but don’t tell him I said that, I have my reputation to protect”

    Coffee and liqueurs followed desert and the conversation got onto birthdays or to be more precise Morwenna’s birthday.
    “It’s Wen’s birthday next week” Demelza said “A significant birthday”
    “Oh really?” Richard said “And might I be indelicate by asking which one”
    “The big four zero” Morwenna confessed
    “don’t look at it that you’re going to be 40, think of it more as turning 30 – 10” Richard said kindly and touched her hand
    “I myself am 30 – 11”
    And Morwenna smiled
    Demelza and Nathan meanwhile began clearing the table and looking back from the kitchen door Nathan said
    “I think Richard is smitten”
    “I think it’s mutual” Dem replied and smiled
    It wasn’t their intention to match-make they just wanted to make up a pleasant foursome.
    The fact they were attracted to each other was an unexpected bonus.
    “We must breathe lightly on the embers” Nathan said enigmatically
    “What does that mean Mr GCSE English?” Demelza slurred
    “We have to play cupid” he replied

    Richard helped Morwenna up and Demelza said
    “Wait for me while I find my bag”
    “No rush” Richard said “I can walk Morwenna home if you want to stay a bit longer”
    “Oh ok” Demelza said “Thank you”

    The next morning at first light Demelza crept into her room and slipped into her bed and slept a guilt free sleep.
    There had been no such impropriety between Wen and Richard but she still felt more alive than she had for years.
    When Demelza went down for breakfast she found Morwenna in the kitchen, singing.
    And the reason she was so happy was that Richard had just told her he was staying on for another day.
    “You’re in a good mood” Dem said
    She didn’t share the reason for her good mood with Demelza but replied
    “Yes I am”

    “Do you want eggs honey?” Morwenna asked
    “Yes please” she replied taking full advantage of her good humour
    “Take the toast through then and keep Richard company” Wen instructed
    Demelza duly obliged
    “Morning Richard” she said
    “Good morning dear girl” he responded “and how are you this fine morning?”
    “Very well” Dem answered “I hear you’re staying another day”
    “Yes just the one more unfortunately, I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon that I can’t get out of” he replied sounding genuinely disappointed
    “So what are you and Nat up to today? It’s your day off today isn’t it?” He asked
    “Well this morning I’m going to give him the guided tour” she replied “This afternoon we’re driving into Truro”
    “We could join you” Morwenna said as she appeared from the kitchen “couldn’t we, Richard?”
    “Yes that would be lovely” he said
    “For this morning anyway” Morwenna qualified she had a full house of guests to cater for in the afternoon “I can’t go into Truro”
    Morwenna was disappointed, she liked Truro and it would have been nice to go there with someone rather than on her own as usual.

    After breakfast was done and dusted Demelza helped Morwenna clear away and then they joined the men outside.
    So the Peverell sisters could show them the delights of the village and its environs.
    The walk began on the familiar path Demelza and Nathan had taken down to the coastal path on the day they got together.
    But instead of turning east towards Port Just they turned west and followed the path as it climbed high above the cliffs.
    After about an hour following the twisting path the reached a high wooded hill top.
    They followed the path into the wood and welcomed the coolness beneath the leafy canopy when they emerged on the other side they were rewarded with the view of the valley below and Peverell Hall on the opposite hill.
    “Wow” Nathan said
    “That’s impressive” Richard added
    “Distance lends enchantment to the view” Nathan said
    The girls said nothing, it was the first time they had seen it since they had to sell, Morwenna wiped a tear from her eye and Demelza took hold of her arm and steered her away before anyone noticed.
    Nathan had noticed however and decided to hang back, to restrain Richard as well he slipped off his back pack and broke out the water.
    By the time they re-joined the girls Morwenna had composed herself and was grateful for the water.
    “Thanks Hon” Demelza said and gave him a smile that said she knew what he’d done and she was grateful.

    After that the walk was a gentle meander back down towards sea level into the next valley in which Peverell St Just nestled.
    They spotted the church spire first and then Dolcoath House.
    The loose rows of cottages appeared next and then finally the woods that hid the old railway station.
    But they didn’t head straight for the village they were headed towards Poldark Farm, the small holding where Talwyn and Chris lived and worked.
    The pair of them had worked hard to bring the farm back from the brink and it showed.
    They walked along the lane and through the gate heading for the farmhouse.
    When they were halfway across the farmyard Talwyn came out of the barn holding a chicken
    “Wen?” Talwyn said “is that you?”
    The sisters kissed
    “What are you doing out in the daylight?”
    “Very funny we thought it was time to come and see what you’ve both been up to” Wen replied
    “You’ve done a lot” she added genuinely impressed
    “Hi Tally” Demelza said, she had been to the farm before at least twice a month.
    The sister’s kissed and the Dem added
    “This is Nathan”
    “Ah I’ve heard a lot about you” Talwyn said and kissed him too
    “All good I hope” Nat said
    “Absolutely not” she replied
    “Well not wishing to be left out and as nobody else has introduced me, I’m Richard” he said and kissed Tally’s cheek
    “Hello Richard” she said a little confused
    “He’s my Publisher” Nathan said
    “That explains it” Tal said
    “Do you want tea or coffee?”

    Everyone answered in the positive and they went into the kitchen, Morwenna looked around and found herself impressed again by Karensa’s renovation work.
    While they were sat at the huge kitchen table drinking Talwyn’s husband Chris appeared.
    “Oh hello” he said “I didn’t realise we had guests”
    Introductions were made again although as Chris had been in the muck pile there was no repeat of the kissing scenario.
    “It’s nice to see you out and about Wen” he said as he sat down next to his wife.
    “Honestly anyone would think I never leave home” she said and an awkward few minutes of silence followed until Demelza changed the subject.
    “I noticed the tomatoes are coming on”

    As they left the farm Demelza said
    “It’s amazing how quickly they’ve turned the farm around”
    “Yes I’m really proud of them, Tally and Pongo have really worked hard” Morwenna said
    “Pongo?” Richard asked
    “Yes we call Chris Pongo because he farts a lot” Demelza clarified
    “Is that what that foul smell was?” Nathan said “I thought it was manure”

    That afternoon while Demelza and Nathan went into Truro, Richard kept Morwenna company in the kitchen while she prepared for the evening meal.
    “It’s a shame we couldn’t go into Truro with the others” He said
    “I know” she agreed “There’s a Noel Coward review on at the Hall”
    “Perhaps we could go another time” he suggested
    “That would be nice” Morwenna said
    “For your birthday” Richard continued “and we could get dinner afterwards”
    “We can’t” she replied “I have to work on my birthday, another day though perhaps”
    “Can’t you swap days?” he asked
    “No, it’s not that simple” she said sadly
    He said no more and thought he might need reinforcements to persuade her so he bided his time.

    The next morning sat around the same table, he Nathan and Demelza ganged up on Morwenna.
    “Why can’t you go?” Demelza asked
    “It will mess up the rota” She replied stubbornly
    “Oh hang the rota” Dem persisted “I don’t mind swapping days with you”
    “Well that’s all very well but who will cook dinner for the guests?” Wen said
    “You hadn’t thought of that had you? You can’t even boil an egg”
    “I will” Nathan said
    “You will what?” she asked
    “I will cook the lunch, evening meal and breakfast next morning if necessary”
    He replied
    “But...” she began
    “You know I can cook” he said
    “But...” she began again
    “In fact in your own words I cook better than Agatha Christie”
    “Ok I give in” she submitted

    Next week on her birthday Morwenna was pacing up and down in the kitchen nervously
    “I’m not sure about staying overnight” she said to her sister
    “Relax, Richard has booked two rooms at the Alverton Manor” Dem said “Nothing has to happen unless you want it too”
    “Demelza!!” she scolded
    Dem just gave her a look.
    Morwenna sat down hard on the chair.
    “I wouldn’t know what to do anyway” she said “There hasn’t been anyone since Leonard, in fact there wasn’t anyone before Leonard”
    “You’ll be fine” Demelza said reassuringly
    “I’m not sure I should go at all” she said “I’ll call him and cancel”
    “Nonsense” Dem said sternly “Richard really likes you, and I mean “really” likes you”
    “Ok” Morwenna said meekly
    “Just relax and enjoy your birthday treat” Demelza said and hugged her sister “Then if you feel like a special birthday treat you will know what to do when the time comes”
    They were both laughing as they hugged when Nathan walked in
    “Your carriage has arrived madam”
    “Oh ok” she said and took a deep breath “Ready”
    Morwenna reached out to take her case and Demelza stopped her.
    “We have men for that kind of thing”
    And Morwenna laughed
    “Hey peasant” she called to Nathan “Take the ladies bag”
    “Yes em” he replied and tugged his forelock and then followed a respectable distance behind.

    As she left the front door of Dolcoath House she got her first look at the transportation.
    “Oh my God” Wen said “is that for me?”
    It was a gleaming Vintage Rolls Royce Silver Cloud complete with chauffeur.
    “Happy birthday” Richard said as he stood by the open door, Wen ran towards him and hugged and kissed him to within an inch of his life.
    “There will definitely be a special treat” Demelza said
    “What was that Hon?” Nathan said
    “Nothing darling just a family joke”

    Thirty six year old Talwyn and her younger sister Karensa, although three years apart, could easily have passed for twins.
    They were smaller than their other siblings, leaner and wirery.
    Like her sisters she had the tell-tale red hair of the Peverell’s and the striking Celtic blue eyes.
    Where they differed however was Tally was a girlie girl and
    Karrie had always been a tomboy.
    When they were younger Tally always had painted nails and Karrie always had grazed knees.
    For Talwyn the financial collapse of the family had been the most devastating, because her and her husband Chris had worked hard and they were finally safe and secure and began trying for a child to complete the circle.
    She loved Chris, despite his propensity to emit the foulest farts imaginable and the fact he was rather odd looking.
    He was tall and scrawny with huge feet and straw coloured hair

    They had a lovely house on the estate and staff to help on the farm now they had a more modest home and had to do everything themselves.
    When her father Trevelyan and uncle Kenwyn gambled away their inheritance the bottom fell out of their world and a rosy future suddenly looked very bleak indeed.

    When they came down to earth they were given Poldark Farm and it was in such a mess.
    The house was uninhabitable, the barns leaked and the outbuilding were little more than ruins.
    For the first few months they had to live in a second hand caravan but Karensa soon put that right.
    She and Alan did a brilliant job on the farmhouse and worked seven days a week to get the house finished for them.
    Once they had a proper roof over their heads Talwyn and Chris could concentrate on the farm itself.
    There was a section of the farm that ran adjacent to the old railway and that part of the parcel of railway land was added to the farm.
    The old coal bunkers had been converted to compost bins and where the stack of sleepers used to stand there was now a row of greenhouses and cold frames.
    They were all second hand of course, Demelza found them on eBay and Karensa put them together and replaced the broken pains.
    And they were growing seedlings before the summer even began.

    By the time Morwenna made her surprise visit, two years later, to Poldark Farm just before her 40th birthday the Peverell’s were completely self-sufficient.
    No mean feat when the land had been so ill used, decades of neglect meant much of it had been reclaimed by nature and the parts that hadn’t were used as a dumping ground.
    It would have been soul destroying to lesser mortals but Talwyn and Chris were driven, by a desire that would not be extinguished.
    They wanted a family and every tree root they dug out and every piece of junk removed took them a step closer to their goal.

    Nathan left the station and ran through the August rain to Dolcoath House to see Demelza.
    He found her in the kitchen talking with Wen.
    “Blimey has Pongo been in here?” he said
    “Yes he dropped off the produce and something else” Demelza replied “Can you still smell it?”
    Pongo’s fart still lingered in the room, it was like napalm it seemed to stick to everything it came into contact with.
    “Smell it I can taste it” Nathan said

    Demelza made them all coffee and they went and drank it in the lounge.
    “So what brings you out in the rain Nathan?” Morwenna asked
    “Well to be honest I’m here to ask a favour” he said
    “Ask away” Wen said
    “Look I really enjoyed cooking for the guests when you went to Truro with Richard” He said “And I would quite like to do it every week on your day off”
    “Well that’s a no brainer” Morwenna said “in fact I have a favour to ask you”
    “What’s that?” he asked
    “Would you cover for me for a whole week?” she asked
    Richard had asked her to go away with him for a week to Europe she hadn’t been able to say yes even though she was desperate too.
    “Of course it’s a yes” he said

    The next day it was Talwyn who made the produce delivery and it was a fiercely hot day.
    “God it’s so hot” she said
    “Sit down and have a drink” Wen said “you look done in”
    “I’m fine” she said “But I’ll take a cold drink”
    Morwenna went to the fridge and got out a bottle of water but when she turned around Talwyn had collapsed.
    “DEM! DEM!” she shouted and rushed to her sister
    “Whats all the shouting about?” Demelza asked and then she appeared in the doorway
    “Call an ambulance” Wen snapped
    Demelza knelt down on the floor next to her stricken sister
    “No time for that” she said “I’ll call Nat”
    She phoned Nathan and he was there in under five minutes by which time Tally was sitting upright and taking a little water.
    “Let’s get her in the car” He said
    “I’ll be fine now” she insisted
    “Nonsense” Demelza said “You need to get checked out”
    “What about Chris?” she asked
    “He’s on his way” Wen replied
    They got Talwyn in the back of Nathan’s car just as Chris arrived
    “We can’t all go” Morwenna said “someone needs to stay here”
    Demelza and Wen looked at each other neither of them wanting to volunteer.
    “I’ll stay” Nathan said and threw the keys to Demelza
    “I can’t drive” she said
    “It’s alright it’s an automatic” he said
    “No I mean I can’t drive” she said “I never learned”
    “Really?” Nat asked
    “I’ll drive” said Karensa who suddenly appeared from nowhere
    “Good, so get going” he said and watched as the Peverell girls and Pongo headed off to the hospital, as the car disappeared from view he just hoped Pongo wouldn’t live up to his name on the journey.
    It could have been lethal in the confines of a car.
    Still that wasn’t something he would have to worry about.

    When he volunteered to hold the fort, Nathan didn’t quite comprehend just how much work was involved in catering for 16 guests when you had to do absolutely everything on your own and by the time he was halfway through serving dinner he began to think that being trapped in a car with one of Pongo’s farts looked the more attractive option.

    The end of the night when the last dirty plate was loaded in the dishwasher he sat down in an armchair and put his feet up and then promptly fell asleep.
    It was about an hour later when he was woken from his slumber by loud laughter as the Peverell girls burst into the room.
    “Aw look at my little tired soldier” Demelza said and walked over to him and kissed him.
    “Have some respect for the dead” Nathan said sleepily
    “Obviously no stamina, these literary types” Morwenna added
    “I’ll put the kettle on” Karrie offered
    “Just remember to put water in first” Wen said “it’s a kitchen appliance not one of your work tools”
    “Very funny” Karensa said
    “So how’s Talwyn?” Nathan asked
    “They kept her in” Morwenna said “Just as a precaution”
    Nathan was curious why he detected no concern in her voice there was even the faintest hint of a smile.
    “So what’s wrong?” He asked Demelza
    “Nothing’s wrong” she replied
    “Then why have they kept her in?” he quizzed
    Karensa returned from the kitchen and the three sisters stood in the centre of the room and linked arms
    “She’s pregnant” they all chorused
    “What?” he exclaimed
    “She’s four months pregnant” Morwenna said proudly
    “Everything is fine” Demelza said “they really did just keep her in as a precaution”
    “We’re all going to be aunties” Karrie said
    “Then we should have something a little stronger than coffee” He said

    The birth of Talwyn and Chris’s daughter Cordelia in the January of the families fourth year in the village of Peverell St Just, was the first of many such happy events to bless them over the following three years but the arrival of little Cordelia marked the turning point for the Peverell family and she was the first of the cousins that would eventually rebuild the families fortunes in the not too distant future.
    Cordelia’s birth also prompted the first family occasion at St Just’s church since their return to the village where the rector, Howel baptised the new addition into the family of Christ.
    The Patterson’s went on to spend their entire married life at Poldark farm and then Cordelia took over the running of it when they retired.

    Later that same year, in June, Morwenna married Richard and took the name of Peverell-Pruitt.
    Richard opened an office in Truro and divided his time equally between there and Dolcoath House which in time became their family home.

    Two months after Wen and Richard tied the knot, Howel was in action once again when he performed the ceremony at Demelza and Nathans wedding.
    However she thought that Peverell-Burrell was too much of a mouthful so she settled for plain old Demelza Burrell.
    They made their home together at the station and raised a family together where Nathan continued churning out Crime novels and Morwenna continued ridiculing him about them.

    Karensa was the final Peverell sister to wed, in December, on the same day that Morwenna found out she was pregnant, she kept the news to herself though until the following day, not wanting to deflect attention from Karrie on her big day.
    In the year that followed she and Alan embarked on their most ambitious renovation to date.
    When they resurrected the old village schoolhouse that had been destroyed by fire twenty earlier, it took them two years, Karensa was pregnant by the time it was completed, and they moved in and never lived anywhere else.

    When the family’s fortunes began to change they were all wary that it might just be a false dawn but as year on year they continued to prosper they all became believers.
    And inevitably as they consolidated their fortunes a figure from the past contacted then out of the blue.
    It was just before Morwenna and Richards 10th wedding anniversary and Wen received a phone call from Uncle Kenwyn.
    No one in the family had heard word one from the old rogue since he absconded with what remained of the Peverell money, with the police hot on his heels.
    It was quite a shock for her to hear from him after all the years that had passed, though perhaps it was not really a surprise.
    He deserted the family when they were on their uppers now when things were on the up and up he resurfaced with his hand out.
    From whatever rock he’d been hiding under he had obviously got to hear that they were prospering.
    “Dolcoath House” Wen said
    “Morwenna darling” the voice said
    “Uncle Kenwyn” she said flatly “Long time no hear”
    “Well you know how it is, time flies when you’re having fun” he said
    “So to what do we owe the pleasure?” She asked
    “Well I don’t like be indelicate” he said “but I’m a little short on funds”
    “So?” She responded unsympathetically
    “Well I hear on the grapevine that you are doing well now”
    “Yes we are doing well” she snapped
    “Bloods thicker than water Wen” he said
    “Well Uncle Kenwyn give me an address and I’ll send you a cheque” she said
    “No need” he said “I’m putting into Port Just on Friday, I’ll pick up the cash personally”
    “Ok then” she said “after all just like you say blood is thicker than water”
    Since the families financial crash Morwenna had been the driving force in their recovery and the reason they were where they were was due in no small part to her fortitude.
    On Friday Morwenna was on the quayside in Port Just when a small yacht tied up alongside called “The Slippery Eel”
    “How apt” she thought to herself
    Kenwyn walked along the quay in white shirt and shorts, his skin deeply tanned and he was smoking a large cigar.
    “Morwenna darling” he said and moved to embrace her “it’s so lovely to see you again”
    “I wish I could say its mutual” she said and evaded his embrace
    “Well just give me my fair share and I’ll be on my way” he said “isn’t that why you’re here?”
    But she was not about to let a thieving cheating bastard like Kenwyn take a penny from them, family or no family.
    “I’m here to ensure you get what you deserve” she said
    Which was when the police arrived behind him.
    And a tirade of ungentlemanly language followed as he was taken into custody.
    She felt no more remorse for him as the police took him away than he had shown over what he had done to her and her sisters.
    Morwenna felt even less when she refused his request to pay his legal fees and left him to apply for legal aid.
    Morwenna’s only feelings regarding her Uncle were those of justice being served when he was sentenced to 7 years in Prison.
    On his release he made no further attempt to contact anyone in the family.

    In total there were nine children born to the Peverell sisters, all girls obviously and all redheads and within a generation of the fall of the Peverell’s due to Trevelyan and Kenwyn’s financial fraudulent mismanagement they returned to Peverell Hall, their ancestral home.
    When Morwenna’s eldest daughter Delen took up residence.

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    Great story!
    Glad that the rogue finally got his just rewards.
    Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty
    ~Albert Einstein

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