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Thread: My favourite poet

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    My favourite poet

    My favourite poet
    Is one who speaks in degraded fashion
    Of smashed universes lit by candlelight
    Of dwindling hopes and emotions

    My favourite poet smashed a window to paint with broken glass
    A circle of desires upheld by swallows clad in rubies and sapphires

    My favourite poet spoke a language only an Atlantian could have known
    In the golden age of their perished civilization

    My favourite poet could be a Neruda apprentice
    A paper boy to Villon for a gallows pole sonnet
    A detective on a quest to shadow Baudelaire’s or Rimbaud’s use of words
    Could sit on a bench in St Paul’s Cathedral by Eliot’s side
    Exchanging thoughts on cats, wastelands and cathedrals
    That he could investigate a pile of skulls in Third Rome’s lands:
    Look at Mayakovsky’s shot one
    And here Esenin’s body is hanged
    And Pasternak's grave who suffered no violent death
    Except for the death toll of his poet’s tortured soul
    Would write down cummings’s words in a row distracted by illogical logic
    And tell the universe of his own existence like Whitman’s
    Larger than anything ode of all which is and that exists
    Would play hide and seek of alter egos by Tejo with Ricardo Reis and his real life self
    Caress Yeats's desperate, confused and deafened falcon
    Yes I remember you my Lord Byron fear not I missed you in this cavalcade of names

    So my favourite poet is aboard a ship
    On the waves of cruel life
    Hiding beneath its waves
    Beauty and horror
    Nobody would detect
    Unless my favourite poet
    Breaks a frame (outer and inner) to unleash
    A beautifully monstrous
    Monstrously beautiful
    Spirit unto this world.
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    "Existence - what does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can.
    The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand."

    Ian Curtis (1956-1980, Joy Division) - "Heart and Soul" (Closer, 1980)

    "My body is a cage,
    But my mind holds the key."

    Arcade Fire - "My Body is a Cage" (Neon Bible, 2007)

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