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Thread: Can ANYONE help me find this Poem???

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    Exclamation Can ANYONE help me find this Poem???

    I cant remember the poet or title or even a specific quote. But I can describe what it was about. Please help me find this Poem if you can !! Two people stand or sit together outside, maybe it was at the edge of a lake, I'm unsure.. But we discover a few times in that they are actually past lovers. The author describes most of the colors around them as dull or gray like the leaves or her face. He describes his past lovers face of having lost all interest and love for him. It's so beautiful poem that i read once for a course, and it's driving me crazy that I can't find it.

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    Sounds like a lovely poem.
    The best thing to do may be to contact the place where you took this course, and ask there?
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    Here's a beautiful poem by Yeats that may serve until your poem is found:


    “YOUR eyes that once were never weary of mine

    Are bowed in sorrow under pendulous lids,

    Because our love is waning.”

    And then She:

    “Although our love is waning, let us stand

    By the lone border of the lake once more,

    Together in that hour of gentleness

    When the poor tired child, passion, falls asleep.

    How far away the stars seem, and how far

    Is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart!”

    Pensive they paced along the faded leaves,

    While slowly he whose hand held hers replied:

    “Passion has often worn our wandering hearts.”

    The woods were round them, and the yellow leaves

    Fell like faint meteors in the gloom, and once

    A rabbit old and lame limped down the path;

    Autumn was over him: and now they stood

    On the lone border of the lake once more:

    Turning, he saw that she had thrust dead leaves

    Gathered in silence, dewy as her eyes,

    In bosom and hair.

    “Ah, do not mourn,” he said,

    “That we are tired, for other loves await us;

    Hate on and love through unrepining hours.

    Before us lies eternity; our souls

    Are love, and a continual farewell."

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    That is indeed a beautiful poem by Yeats!

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