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Thread: Rubens and Facebook.

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    Rubens and Facebook.

    Apparently Facebook is upsetting the Flemish art world by refusing to allow Ruben's picture "The Descent from the Cross" to be shared on its platform. It is regarded as portraying sexually oriented content in so far as Christ is wearing a loincloth. Previously there had also been a ban on the early prehistoric figurine "Venus of Willendorf," and the Eugene Delacroix's picture "Liberty Leading the People."

    It would be only too easy to get hot and bothered over this latest twist in the saga of the responsibilities of social media. To my mind, Rubens portrayal of flesh in chubby buttocks and ill defined balconies is not exactly akin a centrefold of Playboy magazine.

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    What really hurt is when they told his Judgment of Paris to get its fat *ss out of there. It was just mean.
    And this from a man in a bunny suit.

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