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    In the book 1984 by George Orwell Winston makes a lot haste decisions based on hope. Wether it's if Winston knows that there is something off or wrong about the situation he still believes that it can go right. An example is when Winston goes to see O'Brien Winston knows he shouldn't go but regardless he shows up and just as he thought Winston is caught. What is driving Winston for this false hope?

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    Winston has the false hope from many things. it could be the fact that he feels something is off. he might feel its off because he still remembered some of what used to be during the time before revolution. His hope also comes from people like the old man in the barn who still remembers a lot about the past. he hopes for their words to get out to the people. especially the proles because "proles are the only hope " as it says in the book. Another fact is Obrien and the brotherhood. They were said to go against big brother so Winston goes even if he feels it is wrong. that is what is driving Winston.

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