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    Lowest of the low

    Proles are the lowest people in the book 1984. Most of the proles are oblivious to most things that happen around them. They are constantly oppressed by the higher classes and police and never even notice. Could the Proles ever come together and use brute strength to overcome this? Would they ever notice? If they knew would they even come together at all?

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    "Hope lies in the proles". This is a statement that is repeated time and time again and becomes an overarching theme of the book however how much hope truly is there. The proles are uneducated, poor, oppressed people who may have no hope. If any hope is there at all it is merely to survive and perhaps become part of the middle class or the party. This is exemplified by the proles obsession with the lottery which represents what little hope they have, all their hope comes down to a gamble that is rigged against them. The proles would likely never rebel because of their hopelessness as far as they know this is how life has always been and it dosesn't show any signs of changing. What the proles would need to rebel is a leader someone to strike an initial spark however under the oppression of the party and big brother this will likely never happen. To conclude the odds of a prole rebellion are very slim due mainly to their lack of hope and the ever watching oppressive nature of big brother and the party.

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