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    Question Room 101

    While reading 1984, I began to wonder if room 101 actually exists, or if it is simply a fear tactic used to psychologically break the inmates of the Ministry of Love. So my question would be, is room 101 real?

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    Room 101 could very likely be real, as the party has plenty of resources and control, they could easily have a torture room. But, 1984 never really states anything about people that have survived or have been in Room 101. Yet, people and/or citizens get a tingle down their spine and a terrible ache just from hearing the name, others are terrified. This could mean that Big Brother could easily have made this a fear tactic, due to the fact that the torture they have already been given has been marked in their minds forever. The thought of a Room 101 or an even worse torture room would drive anyone out of their minds. But, with the leader of the supposed Brotherhood being Goldstein, I can't be certain if Room 101 exists. Goldstein was created by Big Brother to produce a common enemy, and to have someone to blame. Therefore, Big Brother could have easily produced the an imaginary concept for Room 101, just like Goldstein or the fake history they provide citizens.

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