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    In George Orwell's 1984 there is a character called O'Brien who early on represents hope for Winston's rebellious thoughts. As 1984 progresses Winston Finally meets O'Brien, While in his manor O'Brien turns the telescreen off while Winston and Julia are watching. Winston and Julia are shocked by this. During this scene, Winston thinks that it might be a trap but he doesn't do anything about it because Winstons hope for O'Brien to be apart of the rebellion is so strong Winston would go to any length to take that chance. After Winston is taken to the Ministry of Love, Winston is then Tortured by the guards. Somewhat later the Winston finds out that O'Brien was saving him from more torturing. When Winston is strapped down to the table O'Brien is torturing Winston himself to make him sane. O'Brien has put so much effort into capturing Winston. This means O'Brien goes from symbolizing hope for the rebellion to the one person to utterly destroy the rebellion in any way possible.
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