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Thread: Eurasia and Eastasia

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    Eurasia and Eastasia

    At the begining of 1984, Oceania is against Eurasia. Posters, public executions the week of hate were all showing how evil and powerful they were. This is all against Oceania. Oceania and Eruasia were "at war" right. Well during the week of hate on the very last day, when the climax was about to happen, all of a sudden they are at war with Eastasia and Eurasia is an ally. What? Not to mention now all posters and information that Oceania was at war with Eurasia and allied with Eastasia was erased and it was blamed on the brotherhood that it was sabotaged. This just shows how the past was just erased. And it could all be fake. Now, why the sudden change to begin with? Why would they be at war with one then war with another?

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    The wars are thought to be an idea put in the heads of people so that Big Brother can get control. Being constantly at war scares people enough to follow but making it that allies can quickly change sides the people are even more afraid. When people are afraid the follow anyone that will lead them. So Big Brother uses these "wars" as an excuse to make people believe in him. And people believe him means total control of them and that is what he wants.

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    The wars are put into the citizens head to control the people with fear. Big Brother is using this as a scapegoat as well as Goldstein to control the people and have them fear a common enemy even if they don't exist. This gives Big Brother leverage to add in rules to keep the people from rebelling against them. Big Brother keeps changing the enemy to fuel the peoples fear and keep their thoughts on why Big Brother is their savior. Hate Week is used to fill anger by executing "Euaian and Eastasian soldires." That anger leads the people wanting Big Brother to win battles and wars. Switiching who the common enemy is keeping the people under Big Brothers control on the government.

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