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    Lightbulb Paperweight

    When Winston purchases the glass paperweight, it seems as though he is simply buying a trinket from an antique store, however it appears as though the paperweight might have a double meaning. If we look closer, the paperweight could be a metaphor for Winston himself; trapped inside a pristine bubble, only the bubble itself is harder to break than one might think. The fact that Winston is purchasing the paperweight from an antique store could possibly be a nod to Winston's job, where he erases pieces of the past. It seems a little ironic that he spends each day destroying history, but is choosing to preserve a relic.

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    Well you see, Winston purchases the glass paperweight because of his trauma. While Winston was young... his mum guy.

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    Paperweight double meaning

    The glass paperweight does have a double meaning. In the book Winston says that he wishes he and Julia could just live inside of it and be protected like a "bubble". This is also ironic as you said that he spends each day in the Ministry of Truth destroying and deleting history while he preserves the paperweight which is an antique. I think the paperweight to Winston is a symbol of trying to preserve the past and hold onto it to show that he is in objection of Big Brother and wants to rebel. The paperweight shows that there was a different past than what Big Brother is telling the citizens and Winston realizes this. He wants to be able to make sure he isn't being sucked in to what the party and Big Brother is telling him like the proles and keeps the paperweight in order to remind him that Big Brother is actually the enemy.

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    The paperweight symbolizes hope of the known past. When the thought police break into the apartment and arrest Winston and Julia they destroy the paperweight. Which destroys any hope Winston could have had. It really symbolizes the people finally losing hope and giving up on fighting big brother.

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